"The role of philological science in the modernization of public consciousness"

The scientific-practical conference was devoted those topic. It was held at the Department of Russian Language and Literature on April 25, 2019. The work of three sections “Modern Literature”, “Problems of Cognitive Linguistics”, “Actual Questions of the Methodology of Teaching Russian Language and Literature in the Conditions of the Updated Content of Education” was organized within the framework of the conference.

The work of the section "Contemporary Literature" was evaluated by the jury members:

  • Pchelkina T.R., Ph.D., associate professor, chairman of the jury.
  • Shtukina E.E., Ph.D., Professor of the Department of Philology Kostanay branches of Chelyabinsk State University
  • Ryadinskaya A.I., master of Philology, teacher.

8 students of KSPI, 2 students of Kostanay branch of CSU, a student of FML, Kostanay took participation in the work of section.

In the course of the work of the section, an interested discussion of the problems of modern literature was held. It is gratifying that the interest of students was directed to the research of the creativity of Russian-speaking writers of Kazakhstan: I.Shukhov, G.Chernogolovina, I.Odegov, N.Chernova and others.

The results of the section are 1st place of Y. Kolykhanova “Traditions of Russian poetry in the works of N. Chernova”, 2nd place of M.Dzhapasheva “Artistic Art of the Military Prose of Kazakhstan”, 3rd place of I. Barannikov “Educational potential of I.Odegov's prose”. The commission noted the performance of the 1st year student I. Leskevich on the work of G.Chernogolovina.

All researches were carried out by the guidance of T.R. Pchelkina during the work of the problem group.

The section was attended by students of the specialty "Russian language and literature" of 2,3,4 courses, students of CSU and students of KSU "Kazakh-Turkish Lyceum Boarding School for Talanted Children".

The topics of the presented reports were very diverse: current problems of lexicography, the theory of national stereotypes, the influence of language on human psychology and many other issues, which had become the subject of close attention of students and students.

A lively interest was aroused by the 11th grade student Saganbayev Sanjar with the theme “Speech behavior of a modern schoolchild in bilingual conditions”. The study was conducted on the material of the Kazakh, Russian and Turkish languages. The jury noted a deep knowledge of the material, the independence of the research, an interesting approach to solving the problem. The performance of the 3rd year student Izgalieva Ainur did not leave spectators indifferent. The theme of her research “The influence of vocabulary on the human body” is based on the research of the underlying processes of the influence of vocabulary on a person.

The winners of the conference were awarded diplomas and books.

Summary section:

  • 1st place - Saganbayev Sanjar (Kazakh-Turkish boarding school for talantedchildren) “Speech behavior of a modern student in bilingualism”, Stadnik Kristina (KSPU, 3rd year) “Evaluative nouns with the meaning of a face (after the novel by Ch.Aitmatov «And for more than a century lasts a day»).
  • 2 place - Saduakas Rakhata (Kazakh-Turkish boarding school for gifted children) «Occasionalism as a means of author's individualization in the language of journalism».
  • 3rd place - Ainur Izgaliyeva (KSPU, 3rd year) "The influence of vocabulary on the human body."

The work of the section "Actual problems of teaching Russian language and literature" was organized in the form of a coaching session. The speaker was given the opposite of all those present, while E. Bono was “6 hats”, suggesting the development of critical thinking of students. According to the results of the work, the following prizes were determined: 1st place - “Development of oral speech in literature classes” Kolykhanova Yu. (Supervisor D.A. Zhulamanova), 2nd place - “Effective forms and teaching methods in Russian language and literature classes” Sobol D. (scientific director Zhulamanova D.A.), 2nd place - “Development of the idea of ​​inclusive education in fiction” (scientific director Brimzhanova K.S.), 3rd place - “Methods of enhancing cognitive activity in the Russian language and literature classes” ( Scientific Advisor Zhulamanova D.A.). It should be noted that those section was attended by practicing teachers who shared their existing experiences, which aroused the genuine interest of students. The work of the section was completed by conducting a master class “Active teaching methods” by a certified trainer Zhulamanova D.A., where students were given the opportunity to work out the skills of applying effective strategies and techniques for teaching Russian language and literature in the context of updated educational content.

Following the conference, it is planned to publish a collection of materials with the assignment of ISBN number.





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