On 11th November, 2019, a creative meeting of 2nd year students of the EP “Russian Language and Literature” (a curator is Pchelkina T.R.) with a candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, author of poems Demisenov B.N. was held. Demisenov B.N. introduced his poems, told the story of his passion for poetry during the meeting. The meeting participants asked questions, which were related to the beginning of poetic activity, favorite authors, features of the creative process.

The 4th year student of the specialty "Russian language and literature" Christina Stadnik took the third place according to the results of the Republican competition of research works. The supervisor-candidate of Philology, associate Professor of the Department of Philology Segizbayeva K. K. The theme of the scientific work is "Evaluative nouns with the meaning of the person". The research of Stadnik K. was made in the lingo cultural aspect, the object of the description which is evaluative vocabulary as an integrated unit of language and culture, a unit of the language picture of the world, which is reflecting the specific features of the national worldview. 

The European Day of Languages is celebrated every year on 26th September. On September 27th September the head of the French cultural center of KSPU Zhanburshinova G.K. together with the head of the teaching center Ivanova Y.S., an event were held an event dedicated to this holiday. The purpose of the event was to introduce students to the culture and traditions of European countries, expanding the information field and cognitive activity.

On 17 September 2019 a competition of readers dedicated to the Day of Languages ​​was held among students of the 1st year of the Department of Philology by teachers of the Department of the Russian Language and Literature Arsaeva S.B., Konvisarova L.A., Koval O.V. The purpose of competition is to acquaint students with the holiday – The Day of Languages ​​of the Nations of Kazakhstan, to form a careful attitude to the language, a sense of belonging to their ancestors, people, culture, to cultivate patriotism, tolerance, to develop public speaking and to reveal talents of students.

On September 12, 2019 in the French Center was a holiday dedicated to the beginning of the academic year. The event was attended by: native French speakers the spouse of FC Tobol defender Lu Kassay, the spouse of FC Tobol striker Fatim Senin, students and teachers of KSPU, Chelyabinsk State University, schoolchildren and students of language courses. The purpose of the holiday was to get acquainted with the center and discuss plans for the new academic year. Students had the opportunity to chat in French and English, ask questions and learn interesting facts about France.

September 10, 2019 at the State Pedagogical University of Kostanay State University named after U.Sultangazina In frames of the republican cultural-enlightenment project "Myn Bala" with a plan to move the Kazakh alphabet to the Latin graphic was introduced the general-day open-air dictationThe main purpose of the event is the practical implementation of the project “Basic rules of the Kazakh language”, its comprehensive coverage, accuracy, self-assessment, adaptation of the new Kazakh alphabet in the Latin alphabet. About 50 students took part in the dictation.

During the period from June 17 to June 25, 2018, the Summer Language School worked at the Polylingual Center of the Philological Faculty. Within the framework of the Summer School, about 30 teachers and staff of the KSPU had the opportunity to improve their level of English. Classes were held daily, using computer technology and innovative teaching methods. The program of the school was diverse and designed to consolidate linguistic and professional skills, expand the horizon, including knowledge of English-speaking countries.

The scientific-practical conference was devoted those topic. It was held at the Department of Russian Language and Literature on April 25, 2019. The work of three sections “Modern Literature”, “Problems of Cognitive Linguistics”, “Actual Questions of the Methodology of Teaching Russian Language and Literature in the Conditions of the Updated Content of Education” was organized within the framework of the conference. The work of the section "Contemporary Literature" was evaluated by the jury members: Pchelkina T.R., Ph.D., associate professor, chairman of the jury.

On 12th April the Regional Scientific and Practical Conference “One Step in Research is Hundred Steps in Development” was held at the Branch of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Kostanay. The main task of which was to consolidate young inquisitive researchers from different corners Kostanay region, as evidenced by the crowded assembly hall during the plenary session. Sectional work was carried out in areas each of which represented a particular field of science. The guys represented the results of the joint work with the supervisor, defended them, and proved how valuable their work was. 

On 11th April a master class "Non-traditional lessons of literature" was conducted by a graduate of the Faculty of Philology Savicheva Elena Yuryevna. Savicheva Elena Yuryevna finished the university in 2014, after successfully entered the magistracy in the RSPU named after Herzen (St. Petersburg) and got a job in GBOU school № 684 "Bereginya". The purpose of this event is to tell about non-standard lessons of literature, to share pedagogical experience, to instill interest and desire to work in the pedagogical field.

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