Мethodical Week Arts Department

17.03.12From March 12 to March 17, conducted methodical Week Arts Department. 12.03 at 9:30 with the program MIDI editor «Sibelius», interactive board held an open session on the subject "Choral arrangement" (responsible - Art. Teacher Sayatulekova L.S.). 13.03 at 14:30 Round table with music teachers and educators for Continuing Education "Using music and computer technologies" (responsible - head. Department Sapiev M.S. teacher.Turlubaeva D.K.). 14.03 at 11:30, using multimedia technologies held an open session on the subject "History and Theory of Art" (Executive senior lecturer Narumova M.V.).15.03 at 11:30 am in the Hall of Science Library periodicals KSPI presented innovations in teaching methods, reference and bibliography of the literature on the field of "Art and Drawing", "Music Education" (Executive - Master Grishina K.G.). 16.03 at 15:30 in the auditorium KSPI was a concert piano duo (responsible – p.h.d. Belozer L.P., concertmaster Akbuzhurova S.ZH). At the concert, the program was full of piano duo, bringing a part in the international competition of musicians, teachers of the Russian State Pedagogical University, Sankt-Petersburg.



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