Webinar with graduates

On April 20, 2020, the head of the Department of arts held a webinar "Instructing the final certification in the conditions of DOT". State certification of students will be held from may 11 to June 14, 2020 and will be conducted through a video conference system-address bar http://conference.kspi.kz.

Graduates were familiarized with the requirements of preparation for state exams:

1. Fine arts and drawing - "State examination in the specialty", including questions on Pedagogy, Methods of teaching fine arts, Methods of teaching drawing. According to the educational program "Fine arts and drawing", an oral exam is held. Tickets will be selected using a random number generator. A range of tickets is entered into the random number generator, then the technical Secretary generates the ticket number. After that, the approved ticket is shown on the screen and the student rewrites the questions. Members of the Commission set the time for preparing the ticket-30 minutes.

2. Music education - "Basic musical instrument" / "Conducting a choir" according to the educational program "Music education". According to the educational program "Music education", a creative exam is held – the performance of 3 works on a musical instrument. Students were also familiarized with the requirements for the preparation and defense of the thesis.

In addition to the thesis in electronic form, 3-5 days before the defense of the thesis project, the student must prepare the following documents:

  • 1. Scanned version of the review of the supervisor, which gives a reasoned conclusion "allowed to protect" or " not allowed to protect»;
  • 2. Scanned version of the review of the final qualifying work (project), which provides a comprehensive description and reasoned conclusion with an indication of the rating on the point-rating letter system of knowledge assessment and the possibility of awarding a bachelor's degree or qualification;
  • 3. Materials that characterize the scientific and practical value of the work performed-certificates or certificates of implementation of the results of scientific research, layouts, creative works.
  • 4. Report on the inspection of the work in Turnitin.

A proctoring system is used to analyze test results and identify students and faculty. During the exam, it is forbidden to: use websites; use books; use drafts; use messengers; use a calculator; help from outside; exit the room; voices; look away.

At the scheduled time, the technical Secretary / supervisor uploads all presentations in PDF format to the BigBlueButton system. The defense takes place online (5-7 minutes). After the student's speech, the online voting procedure for members of the certification Commission is performed. The results are announced on the day of the exam.

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