Training webinars of the Department of Arts on the use of DOT

The use of distance learning technologies in the process of teaching creative students has a number of distinctive features. In this regard, teachers of the Department of Arts of KSPU named after U. Sultangazin held webinars on the experience of using distance learning technologies by teachers on April 4 and April 11, 2020. Teachers of educational programs - "Music education", "Visual art, art work, graphics and design" - shared opportunities for distance learning for two days. Mainly teachers use the platform Moodle, BigBlueButton, Zoom, WhatsApp messenger, cloud servers at video sharing - Cloud, Google Drive, Yandex drive, Creative lab YouTube channel, as well as the content of the site KSPU them. U. Sultangazin "Digital resources of the University." Teachers provide feedback to students through online consultations BigBlueButton, Zoom, WhatsApp messenger, as well as chat rooms and forums Moodle and WhatsApp.

So, the senior teacher of the educational program "Music education" Akbuzhurova S. Zh. conducts online classes on the discipline "Performing skills" using BigBlueButton and Zoom. St. teacher Amirkhamzin N. K. shared his experience of systematization of educational material on the Moodle platform and conducting online classes BigBlueButton on the discipline "Solfeggio "using the"Online piano" platform. The teacher Babich S. S. in the discipline "Theory and practice of Kazakh dance" uses the Zoom platform, an electronic textbook and materials of video lessons taken during the educational process. St. teacher Aisina S. T. in the discipline "History of Kazakh music" uses the Zoom platform and WhatsApp messenger capabilities. St. teacher Esmaganbetova Sh. K. shared her experience in developing level tasks according to the taxonomy of B. bloom in the disciplines "History of Kazakh music", "History of world music". St. teacher Zhakaeva K. A. uses the Zoom platform and WhatsApp. In the discipline "Practical training in conducting and vocals", when working with students, the teacher uses an audio recording of the piano part prepared by the Department's concertmasters. St. teacher Zadorozhnaya S. N. on the discipline "Solfeggio" it is more convenient to work on group calls WhatsApp, as well as the exchange of video files on the Moodle platform. St. teacher Turlubaeva D. K. conducting online classes on the discipline "Performing skills" using BigBlueButton adds comments to the student's response in the format of an audio file of their own showing of individual moments of the work. Ph. D. Sapieva M. S. in the discipline "Fundamentals of music pedagogy and psychology" along with conducting online classes, BigBlueButton has developed creative tasks for students aimed at forming such mental functions as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

St. teacher of the educational program "Visual art, art work, graphics and design" Ordasheva M. Zh. shared the experience of conducting classes in the discipline "Computer design". The teacher uses his electronic manual, video lessons, YouTube channel content, and the capabilities of the Planner platform when developing the design of premises. Art teacher Sapiev A. S. in the discipline "Painting" uses the capabilities of The creative laboratory of the YouTube channel, where there is a video recording of his own master class on the topic "Performing a portrait in watercolor". Two videos, 35 and 20 minutes long, were edited and converted using Clipchamp. St. teacher Zhusupova D. Zh. in the discipline "technology of criteria assessment", she developed tasks that students should prepare in various formats – document files, presentations, photos. St. teacher Arkhipova K. G. in the disciplines "drawing", "Painting" for an objective assessment of the volume and quality of independent work done, aims students to upload a step-by-step photo of the creative tasks to Moodle.

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