Discussion of the educational program "Music Education" for the academic year 2020-2021

March 12, 2020 at the Department of Arts held a round table discussion on the educational program of the undergraduate program "Music Education".

The aim of the round table is to discuss the bachelor's educational program in accordance with the updated content of secondary education, as well as to analyze the results of students completing pedagogical and industrial practices.

The organizers of this event were the teachers of the department: head. Department of Arts Sapieva M.S .; Master of Education, Senior Lecturer Aisina S.T., Art. teacher Zadorozhnaya S.N.

Active participants in the round table were stakeholders, teachers of educational institutions of the city of Kostanay: representatives of the Lyceum School No. 1, No. 8, the gymnasium No. 24 of Kostanay, the teaching staff of the bachelor's program, students of 2-4 courses of the musical education program ".

Within the framework of the round table, a discussion was held on the compliance of the Educational Program with the requirements of the updated Music program, including the content of the disciplines of 7 modules and the expected learning outcomes. Participants of the round table were music teacher of lyceum school №1 L. Ostapenko, music teacher №8 Burtseva AP, music teacher Akhmetbekova SB school-gymnasium №24 of Kostanay, together with the faculty and students of the OP "Musical education" discussed the relevance of the educational results of the graduate of the university.

During the discussion, the roundtable participants shared their comments and suggestions on updating and further improving the educational program, organizing and conducting the practice, as well as further interaction between schools and the university.

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