28 ноября на социально-гуманитарном факультете прошел ежегодный традиционный чемпионат по футболу среди студентов 1-4 курсов, посвященный празднованию Дня Первого Президента РК. В чемпионате участвовало 7 команд: «ФК Polus», «Торпедо», «Орел», «Kostacity», «Боруссия», «Ливерпуль», «Зенит». Среди команд играли также и преподаватели социально-гуманитарного факультета. Команды боролись за звание победителя чемпионата и обладателя кубка Чемпиона СГФ по круговой системе, когда каждая команда играла со всеми остальными, где каждая команда имела шанс на победу.

November 14, 2019 in KSPU at the Department of physical and mathematical disciplines was curatorial hour «How to develop and change the tenge» dedicated To the day of the national currency. Students of the 4th year of the specialty «5B010900 Mathematics» (in Russian) showed a video and told about the history of the emergence and development of tenge, Anastasia Yunusova told about the production of the first national currency, starting with the first banknotes of the Republic of Kazakhstan, nominated in tiyns, but were withdrawn from circulation in 1995.

On November 8, 2019, teachers of the Department of arts participated in the XVIII International scientific and creative forum " Scientific schools. youth in science and culture of the XXI century", conducted by the Chelyabinsk state Institute of culture.The forum served as a platform for the formation and presentation of scientific schools.The objectives of the forum are reflected in the following areas of work: fixation and presentation of domestic and foreign scientific schools; popularization of scientific ideas; exchange of ideas and their approbation; fixation of research trends; accumulation of effective international scientific contacts and the formation of a professional community on this basis; expansion of intercultural dialogue space; positioning of human capital; initiation of projects of intercultural cooperation in the socio-cultural sphere.

On November 4, 2019, students of the 3rd year of the OP "History" in the classroom on the methodology of teaching history conducted a 2-hour coaching on the updated content of education. Updating the content of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan sets a main goal: improving the pedagogical skills of teachers in the context of updating the educational program and the introduction of a system of criteria-based assessment. Students in the classroom showed how they own the methods and technology of teaching history to a modern school. Practiced in the preparation of a plan-a summary of the lesson, on a given topic. Explained how to work with the electronic diary "Kundelek". Developed tasks to prepare for the SOR and SES on various topics.

Students of the educational program "Fine arts and drawing" Sapi Gulzat and Zhumataeva Linara became the holders of diplomas of the 2nd degree of the Republican competition of scientific works and projects of students-2019. Research topic – «Design of the exterior of the city mosque: traditions and modern trends in Islamic architecture (for example, Kostanay)» On 30.10.2019 rector Erkin Amanzholuly solemnly presented the diploma on behalf of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the students. 

September 24, 2019 teachers and students of the Department of arts participated in the career guidance event, which was held in Kostanay region.Graduates of the current 2019-2020 academic year from various rural schools of Kostanay region gathered in the Palace of culture "Golden ear".For the gathered schoolchildren in the foyer of the Palace was an exhibition of visual propaganda material KSPU named after U. Sultangazin, which was headed by the head of the Department of planned career and public services N. I. Kabdrakhmetov.

On may 8, a solemn ceremony of opening the memory of the military nurse was held in the victory Park. It was installed for their money pensioner Beck Zhusupov. The idea of creating a monument came to his mind during a family trip to Russia, when he saw a similar monument. The sculpture of the front sister is made of modern plastic, and its height is almost two meters. According to the idea of the author, at the feet of a nurse dog that helped carry soldiers from the battlefields. 2-3 year students of the specialty "History" did not stay aside in a remarkable day.

Kostanay region but also guests from Almaty, Uralsk, Taraz, Kyzylorda, Petropavlovsk, the capital of Nur Sultan and neighboring countries of Uzbekistan and neighboring Russia. A contender for the title of winner of one of the most prestigious singing contests in the country was made by the 2nd year student of the educational program of Musical education Nurdullaeva Makpal. The international contest "Golden microphone" is traditionally held in April. This is a long-awaited event for those with music on you. 17 times in a row Kostanay stage gathers talented children not only from Kazakhstan, but also from neighboring countries.

April 18, 2019 in Kostanay State pedagogical university at the social and humanitarian faculty held an international student scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 80TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE KSPU O.SULTANGAZIN AND YEAR OF YOUTH IN THE REPUBLIC of KAZAKHSTAN. The plenary session included reports on the life and work of academician O.Sultangazin, modern state youth policy. In General, the conference received 80 scientific reports. Geography of participants is wide: Russia (Ural state University of Economics) Republic of Tajikistan (Khujand state University).

This year, on April 11, the 19th solemn presentation of the “Kazyna” and “Shabyt” prizes was held to the Kostanai Club of Patrons of Arts in such areas as art, science, journalism, culture, etc. Achievements in the field of culture are awards and achievements in the field of culture at the city, regional, republican and international levels. Amirkhamzin Nauryzbay Kasengaliyevich, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Arts, won the Shabyt Award in the category “Head of the Creative Team”.  Nauryzbay Kasengaliyevich is the head of the "Nur әyuen" dombra studio at the City School of Children's Art. The studio is a repeated winner of international, republican and regional competitions.

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