Training seminar “Using Screencast in Professional Activities”

On November 5 and 19, 2019, at the Department of Natural Sciences for 4th year students of the specialty “Chemistry”, senior teacher M. Gubenko held classes at the training seminar “Using Screencast in Professional Activities”. There were teachers of the specialty: Vazheva N.V., Taurbaeva G.U., TauakelovCh.A., Ardakova E.A.

The first lesson provides a theoretical justification for the issue, talks about the use of screencasts and the technical intricacies of organizing the process of recording them. Students got acquainted with a digital video recording of information displayed on a computer screen and accompanied by voice comments. In a practical lesson, a demonstration of the “screencast” recording was held, after which the participants worked out the technique of creating screencasts. Students recorded video clips on the topic “Components of the Kipp apparatus” in Russian, “Chemical properties of calcium: reactions with oxygen and water” in Kazakh.

We can assume that students have mastered the process of creating screencasts and will be able to use it in professional activities

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