Protection of student projects

On November 20, 2019, an open lesson (SROP) on the discipline "Practical biology with the basics of soil science" (senior lecturer – M. M. Ruloyva) was held in the group of the multilingual Department, 4th year of the educational program "5B011300-Biology". Topic: Study of soils of Kostanay region and assessment of their suitability. Protection of the project.

For 10 weeks, students carried out research projects in which they had to master a number of techniques and conduct a study of soil samples taken from the area of residence, to determine the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the soil, as well as to give suggestions to land users. The students themselves had to evaluate the projects according to the criteria and descriptors developed by the teacher. The work of the experts was also evaluated according to the criteria.

Five students are members of the working group of the international project "Dynamics of changes in steppe ecosystems of Northern Kazakhstan under the influence of anthropogenic and climatic factors on the example of soil mesofauna and its habitat/Innovations for Sustainable Use of Agricultural Resources and Climate adaptation in the Arid Steppes of Kazakhstan and Southwestern Siberia (ReKKS/" and have repeatedly participated in field trips with partners from Germany, where in practice they mastered the methods of studying soil composition. Participation in project activities gave a number of advantages to these students, they not only completed their projects, but also were able to activate and coordinate the work of other students.

The result was formed by students a package of documents necessary for the protection of projects in the framework of the study of the discipline.

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