Round table on «100 new faces of Kazakhstan»

24.04.2019 local history club «Sayakhat» and students of the specialty «Geography» of the Department of natural-mathematical faculty was organized and held a round table on the theme: «100 new faces of Kazakhstan».

The event was organized in order to show the achievements of famous personalities of Kostanay region, who participated in the contest «100 new faces of Kazakhstan», and included in this list. The round table was attended by faculty of the Department of natural-mathematical faculty, 1st and 2nd year students majoring in «Biology» and «Geography».

Analytical reports on the program «a Hundred new faces 2017» was made by Alena Vetrova, Akmaral Omarova, student 2 courses of the specialty «Geography»; a report on the theme: «a Hundred new faces 2018» made Dandybayev Zhangeldy, Kudabaev Daulet, Huzhina Catherine, Anastasia Lymareva 2nd year students of specialty «Geography»; a report on the implementation of an ambitious plan of activities aimed at comprehensive support and realization of state youth policy in the country was made by the Ayaulym Kairat, 3rd year student of specialty «Geography».

The audience was presented the true stories of the people of Kostanay region, who achieved success thanks to hard work, knowledge and talent: Denis Kuzin in the category «Sport», Kairat Almat Tursunov and Kairat Maishev - in the category «Business».

The theme of the round table was very relevant and informative, the dialogue was held in the format of discussion.

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