Intellectual game "Day of science workers"

On Monday, April 8, an intellectual game was held within the framework of the methodical week of the Department of physical and mathematical disciplines, and was devoted to the Day of science workers in Kazakhstan and the Day of world aviation and cosmonautics, which are celebrated annually on April 12.

The game consisted of 6 rounds: 1 – warm-Up (8 questions), 2 – Cosmonautics (8 questions), 3 – in A word (14 questions), 4 – Mathematics (6 questions), 5 – Physics (6 questions), 5 – Astronomy (6 questions). Tasks were presented in two languages – state and Russian, and covered a variety of aspects of science – great scientists, significant dates, physical phenomena, interesting facts. In the preparation and conduct of the game took part Telegina O. S. (senior lecturer, acting head. the Department FMD), Akhmetov A. S. (lecturer in FMD, master of science), Shokanova A. S. (head. laboratories of the Department FMD), Atazhanova M. N. (laboratory assistant of the Department FMD).

7 teams took part in the game. Four teams at the end of the game received incentive prizes for the will to win ("Mathematics", "Moon", "Photon", "Rocket"). The third place was taken by the team "Fixiki" (2nd year, Physics, p/I), the second place – the team "Alty karakshy" (3rd year, Physics, K/o), the first place was taken by the team "Astra" (team of the third year of two specialties – Physics and Mathematics). They were awarded sweet prizes.

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