Ecological flashmob dedicated to international Birds Day

On April 1, 2020, the Department of Natural Sciences was organized online and conducted an eco-flashmob. Biologists and caring people took an active part in the festival International Bird Day. Despite the declared pandemic around the world and the ban on entry and departure to other countries, the birds will definitely not be prevented from returning home from their wintering places.

Each year, the Kazakhstan Biodiversity Conservation Association (ACBK), together with the Kazakhstan Bird Conservation Union, selects the Bird of the Year symbol by voting among the members of the Association.

The bird of the year 2020 was the Falcon Saker Falcon. Saker Falcon is a large and strong bird. The population of the saker in the world, including Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia, is gradually declining, so this species needs our protection!

This year, while being in distance learning, the curator of the club, T. Bragin, and assistant curator M. Ruleva and scientific consultants of the club, EA Bragin, MA Bobrenko, as well as the asset of the Fifi Bedworm Club of the University's Research Center for Biology and Ecology in social networks launched an environmental flash mob. To participate, on April 1, it was necessary to post author’s photos, drawings, videos of birds with the signature # bedrovers in the history and social media feed #NITsPEBKGPU # spring and note in their posts on Instagram @ natsciences.kst, @kspu_emf.

This event brought together all students who are not indifferent to the native nature, students of schools, our graduates, teachers and just bird lovers. The management and asset of the Bedvoers club thanks everyone who took part in the ecological flash mob, as well as the deputy dean of the NSF Ch.A. Tauakelova, Ph.D., O.M. Chernyavskaya, Ph.D., G.A. Ruchkin in attracting a large number of participants.

Protect the environment!

bird day

bird day

bird day

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