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On March 5, 2020, at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, at the Department of Natural Sciences, a round table discussion "Presentation and discussion of the educational program" Biology "for undergraduate and graduate programs" was held.

The aim of the round table was to popularize the educational program "Biology" and discuss the contents of the program.

Active participation in the round table was taken by stakeholders, teachers of educational institutions of the city of Kostanay (representatives of School-Lyceum No. 1, IT Lyceum "Ozat", School No. 17, No. 5, No. 6, Physics and Mathematics Lyceum), as well as a team of biology teachers Nazarbayev Intellectual School of FMN of Kostanay, faculty of OP "Biology", students of 2-3 courses.

Within the framework of the presented educational program, a discussion was held on the modern needs of students under the updated program, including the composition of the disciplines of the fundamental and language modules, and the expected learning outcomes.

Round table moderator Ph.D., associate professor G. Ruchkina disclosed issues of improving the practice of popularizing the EMF EP and its impact on the effectiveness of career guidance with potential applicants. The head of the department of EN GK Baubekova dwelled on questions about the mechanism for developing educational programs, about the mandatory involvement of potential employers, teachers, and students in the formation of programs.

Round table participants Demesenov B.M., Baytemirova M.K., Dikonti M.D., Musina T.G., Tөlemіs Zh.S., Baigazinova A.S. very actively discussed issues of trilingual education, the organization of educational and pedagogical practices, laboratory workshops. Proposals for the introduction of the disciplines "Academic Writing", "Biological Ethics" were voiced. The opinion of the present students was listened to Akhmet J., Schwan L.

During the discussion, all participants were asked a questionnaire in which proposals were prepared on the adjustment and further improvement of the educational program "Biology".

The work of the round table was held in a friendly, working, business setting. It was decided to continue meetings at this level.

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