Intellectual game “It's Game”

On February 21, 2020, an intellectual English-language game called “It's Game” was held among 2-3-year students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Department of Natural Sciences, held as part of the week of the department together with the multilingualism center.

The organizers of this game were teachers of the Department of Natural Sciences: Gubenko MA, Baimaganbetova BB, Bobrenko MA, Bozhekenova Zh.T., Koval V.V., Kozhmukhametova A.S., Taukelov Ch.A ., and also the head of the center of multilingualism Abisheva S.K.

Among the three participating teams of the department ("Biology", "Geography", "Chemistry") the prize places were distributed as follows:

  • 1st place was taken by the Geography team;
  • 2nd place - “Chemistry”;
  • 3rd place - “Biology”.

   The game was held at a high intellectual level and left a good impression among all those present in the audience.


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