Master Class “Innovative molecular genetic methods for the study of biological diversity”

On February 18 and 20, 2020, within the framework of the Department of Natural Sciences week, the teaching staff represented by Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor T.M.Bragina, Master of Biology, Senior Lecturer, Head of the Research Center for Management of Science and International Relations M.A.Bobrenko and Master of Biology, Senior Lecturer M.M.Rulyova a master class “Innovative molecular genetic methods for the study of biological diversity” was held for teachers, senior students of the lyceum school № 2 of the education department of the akimat of Kostanay and third-year students of the educational program “Biology”.

At the first stage of the master class, T.M.Bragina told the audience about the international project for the development of innovative molecular genetic methods for studying insects. The program, supported by the CPEA-LT-2016/10140 project and funded by the Eurasian program of the Norwegian Center for International Cooperation in Education (SIU), was attended by university professors from Azeibardzhan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine. Thanks to this grant, the organizers of this master class had a unique opportunity to undergo a scientific internship at the Oslo Museum of Natural History (Norway) in February 2019. Tatyana Mikhailovna spoke about the importance of genetic studies, the method of DNA barcoding, and the achievements of modern genetics. Of particular importance was the question of the modern classification of the animal world, the evolutionary development of all living things.

Report by Rulyova M.M. was devoted to the basics of molecular biology, the structure of DNA and the transfer of genetic information. The emphasis was on the main stages of DNA analysis: material preparation, extraction, PCR, gel electrophoresis, ExoStar (purification step), preparation for sequencing.

At the second stage of the master class Bobrenko M.A. introduced the participants to the possibilities of using computer programs CodonCodeAligner, MEGA. Students had the opportunity to learn how to collect contig, work with a genetic bank, and determine the species of insects based on the DNA sequence.

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