Volunteer project at the school

17 02 2020f

Within the discipline of «Community Service» the 1st course students of the educational program «6В01502-Physics» conducted laboratory work «Study of the law of Archimedes» 17 Feb 2020 in 7th «А» (cadet) grade GA «Kostanay city’s the Education Department № 28 School-gymnasium». The «Physics Cabinet» devices of the Umirzak Sultangazin KSPU the Department of physical and mathematical disciplines were used to conduct the lesson.

To organize the class and divide the students into groups, the warmup «Molecules» was used. Students under the guidance of the senior teacher of the Department of PhMD, master of natural Sciences Nupirova A.M. and physics teacher Koptileu M.А. told about the devices used for work, helped determine the price of dividing the scale of the beaker and dynamometer, helped to make measurements and calculations for students. At the end of the work, the students filled out sheets with tables prepared in advance and made their own conclusions.

Students plan to provide volunteer assistance during the third and fourth quarters in conducting laboratory work in this class, which will contribute to the integration of the University and the school.

17 02 2020f2

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