Methodological seminar «Experience of teaching natural Sciences in English»

On January 22, 2020, at the Department of natural Sciences of the faculty of natural and mathematical Sciences, a methodological seminar was organized and held with the invitation of the head of the OP center for multilingualism, S. K. Abisheva, faculty's faculty of teaching on the topic «Experience in teaching natural subjects in English».

The purpose of the seminar: Discussion of interested parties about the 8-year experience of teaching special subjects of the Department of natural Sciences in English.

The seminar discussed issues of training in the state language, the development of foreign languages by students and teaching staff. Every year, in order to develop multilingual education and develop linguistic competence, the University organizes free courses for additional study of Kazakh, Russian and English languages for teachers and students. Implementation of educational programs of multilingual education is provided by free access of each student to library collections and databases, the availability of manuals and recommendations for all disciplines and all types of classes, as well as visual AIDS, audio and video materials, training programs

The seminar was moderated by Professor Borodulina O. V., head of the center for multilingualism Abisheva S. K., Professor Bragina T. M., Gubenko M. A., head of SIC Bobrenko M. A., acting head of the Department Baubekova G. K.


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