From 13.05.19-24.05.19 in training workshops of Kostanay State Pedagogical University, advanced training courses “Designing and designing garments” were conducted for teachers, staff and students of the university. Practical classes were conducted in the amount of 45 hours. Developed and conducted courses Senior Lecturer of the Department of Informatics, Robotics and Computer Technologies, master of pedagogical sciences Abdimominova D.K. All students (18 people) at the end of the course presented the results of their activities - finished garments.

An international seminar on the interim results of the collaborative project of Science Research Centre of Problems of ecology and biology KSPU / REKKS (Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan): «Innovations in the development of methods of sustainable agricultural management in the changing climate in the dry steppes of Kazakhstan and South-West Siberia (ReKKS)», subproject SRC PEB KSPU / ReKKS «Assessment of the impact of land use and climate change on soil invertebrate communities (mesofauna)» was held May 14, 2019 in Kostanay State Pedagogical University.

On May 14, 2019, Director of the Institute of Soil Science, University of Leibniz (Hannover, Germany), President of the German Soil Scientists Society, Professor Dr. Georg Guggenberger, Coordinator of the International Project «Innovations in the development of methods of sustainable agricultural management in the changing climate in the dry steppes of Kazakhstan and South-West Siberia (ReKKS)» and Shibistova Olga Borisovna (Leibniz Institute of Soil Science, Hannover, Germany) attended to Kostanai State Pedagogical University with official visit.

24.04.2019 local history club «Sayakhat» and students of the specialty «Geography» of the Department of natural-mathematical faculty was organized and held a round table on the theme: «100 new faces of Kazakhstan». The event was organized in order to show the achievements of famous personalities of Kostanay region, who participated in the contest «100 new faces of Kazakhstan», and included in this list. The round table was attended by faculty of the Department of natural-mathematical faculty, 1st and 2nd year students majoring in «Biology» and «Geography».

From April 16 to April 18, 2019, the Natural and Mathematical faculty and the Polylingual centre have organized an online Olympiad for students of polylingual groups in the following educational programs: physics, geography, computer science, chemistry, biology. The Olympiad was held in order to: development of creative initiative, increasing the cognitive interest of students of 2 - 3 courses for in-depth study of subjects; identifying the most capable and trained students of 2–3 courses; propaganda of deep knowledge in the field of fundamental and applied disciplines.

April 12, 2019 in the KSPU within the week of the Department of physical and mathematical disciplines has already become a traditional event called "Mathematical auction". Litsitator (leading auction), represented by associate Professor, Demisenov Berik Nurtazinovich, who knows the order and owns the technique of bidding, followed the proposals of students and helped to determine the winner of the auction. At the "auction" exhibited a lot consisting of four dishes, which were prepared by teachers of the specialty "Mathematics". 

On Thursday, April 11 at 14.30 began a creative event "Physics-lyrics". The purpose of the event: to promote the development of creative potential of students majoring in "5B011000 - Physics", emancipation, team building. At the beginning of the event acting head. Department Telegina O. S. summed up the Olympics on physics and astronomy, held on Tuesday 9 April. Results of the Olympiad: 1st place – Bakhytova Akerke (Phys-16-11) 2nd place: Kuanyshbaevf Nursulu (Phys-16-11), Ustimirova Laura (F15-21) 3rd place: Cense Begaiym (F16-11), Urmanov Risaldi (Phys-16-21), Kasymbekova Aigerim (Phys-15-21)....

April 11, 2019 students of the club "Sayakhat", specialty "Geography" of the Department of natural Sciences held an event dedicated to the 120th anniversary of academician Kanysh Satpayev. In the framework of the anniversary of the event, students and faculty of the Department watched the film "the Academician Kanysh Satpayev: the Identity on a planetary scale", listened to the reports of students Orazgali Aizhan, Kairat Nargiz piece was also presented the exhibition of scientific works of the ILC Foundation of the University. The result of the event was a quiz game "Life and scientific activity of K. Satpayev".

On Monday, April 8, an intellectual game was held within the framework of the methodical week of the Department of physical and mathematical disciplines, and was devoted to the Day of science workers in Kazakhstan and the Day of world aviation and cosmonautics, which are celebrated annually on April 12. The game consisted of 6 rounds: 1 – warm-Up (8 questions), 2 – Cosmonautics (8 questions), 3 – in A word (14 questions), 4 – Mathematics (6 questions), 5 – Physics (6 questions), 5 – Astronomy (6 questions). 7 teams took part in the game.

Teachers of the Department of natural Sciences of Kostanay state pedagogical University. O. Sultangazin Belan O. R. and M. S. Kubeeva and students of 1 course of biology and mathematics faculty in the period 08.04.2019 in the secondary school №10 in grades 9-10 was held training on the landscaping of the entrances of apartment buildings. At this training, it was told about the features of work on gardening in order to create favorable environmental conditions. The aim of the training is to green the areas of entrances of multi-storey buildings and attract young people to this work.

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