On December 12, 2019, a solemn meeting on the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held in the Youth Palace of Kostanay. Akim of Kostanay region Archimedes Mukhambetov congratulated distinguished countrymen. Olga Mikhailovna Chernyavskaya, associate Professor of the Department of natural Sciences of the Kostanay state University named after U. Sultangazin, was among those awarded on the occasion of the significant date.

On December 7, a 4-year student of the specialty Informatics Sabit Zere took part in the XI international scientific-practical conference "Kazakhstan model of transformation: socio-political context" dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan as part of the implementation of the "Rukhani Zhangyru" program at Karaganda State University by E.A. Buketov organized by the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology, Department of Political Science and Sociology.

November 28, 2019 in KSPU at the Department of physical and mathematical disciplines was curatorial hour «Day of kindness and tolerance». Students of the 4th year of the specialty «5B010900 Mathematics» showed a short video about kindness, and Victoria Mufaharova conducted a small test about the degree of kindness. Students wrote wishes for teachers, presented each other and present balloons with thanks. The participants of the curatorial hour learned that if hundreds of thousands of Kazakhstanis do good deeds at the same time, it will unite our people, and this is so important for our country. The event was attended by 3rd year students of the specialty «5B010900 Mathematics» and teachers of the Department.

On November 20, 2019, an open lesson (SROP) on the discipline "Practical biology with the basics of soil science" (senior lecturer – M. M. Ruloyva) was held in the group of the multilingual Department, 4th year of the educational program "5B011300-Biology". Topic: Study of soils of Kostanay region and assessment of their suitability. Protection of the project. For 10 weeks, students carried out research projects in which they had to master a number of techniques and conduct a study of soil samples taken from the area of residence, to determine the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the soil, as well as to give suggestions to land users. The students themselves had to evaluate the projects according to the criteria and descriptors developed by the teacher. The work of the experts was also evaluated according to the criteria.

On November 5 and 19, 2019, at the Department of Natural Sciences for 4th year students of the specialty “Chemistry”, senior teacher M. Gubenko held classes at the training seminar “Using Screencast in Professional Activities”. There were teachers of the specialty: Vazheva N.V., Taurbaeva G.U., TauakelovCh.A., Ardakova E.A. The first lesson provides a theoretical justification for the issue, talks about the use of screencasts and the technical intricacies of organizing the process of recording them. Students got acquainted with a digital video recording of information displayed on a computer screen and accompanied by voice comments. In a practical lesson, a demonstration of the “screencast” recording was held, after which the participants worked out the technique of creating screencasts. 

On November 15, 2019, students of the Department of natural Sciences, specialty "Geography" and "Chemistry" took part in the Republican student scientific-practical conference "Zamannyn zerdeli jastary", held by RSU "Kogamdyk kelisim" among higher educational institutions of Kostanay region in order to strengthen and preserve interethnic harmony. The competition was held in three stages. In the first qualifying round of the competition following scientific projects of students of the Department of natural Sciences passed to the second stage: "Ethnic respect – a pledge of prosperity of Kazakhstan", "Development of tourist routes Aktobe region", "Development of business tourism in the framework of the new silk road", "Socio-demographic profile of the student "Serpin – 2050", made under the direction of Baubakova G. K., master of pedagogical education, Omarova K. I., master of geography.

November 7, 2019 students of the 2nd year of Kostanay state pedagogical University. U. Sultangazina the specialty "Vocational training" within the discipline "Extracurricular work on technology and labor" under the guidance of senior lecturer of the Department of Informatics, robotics and computer technology Shalgimbekova Aliya Batyrkhanovna, were on a tour in the city school of technical creativity. The tour was conducted by Deputy Director Natalia Zubko. She acquainted with the goals and objectives of the school, told about the achievements of children in creative activities.

The curatorial hour “Chemists about the benefits of milk” brought together fourth-year and first-year chemical students (curators O. Chernyavskaya and M. Gubenko). The development of the event was planned in the form of a design assignment for the SRO for food chemistry (Assistant Prof. N. Vazheva). During the event, milk was analyzed from all sides - both as a food product, and as a complex physical and chemical system, including various substances useful to the human body. 

October 24, 2019 at the Department of Natural Sciences as part of the project «100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language» by students of 1, 3 courses of the specialty «Chemistry» and «Biology» of the Kazakh  department and teachers Suyundikova Zh.T. and Ardakova E.A. a presentation was organized by Alan Barnard’s books “Anthropology: history and theory”, as well as Lee Ann Peck, Guy S. Rila, “Media Ethics. From the Practice of Young Professionals”.

3 year students of specialty «Geography» of the natural-mathematical faculty under the leadership of master of pedagogy Baybеkovoy G. K., master of geography, V. V. Koval took part in the contest "Altyn Aymak - Ostannim" dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Kostanay. Among the 22 creative works presented in three categories students Nikita Miller, Adel Musina, Mitrofanenko Julia took honorary first place in the category movies. Summing up of the competition and awarding of diplomas took place on August 16, 2019 in the Park of the 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan.

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