Modern schools need professional competent, independent-minded teacher, psychologically and technically ready for the meaningful inclusion in the innovation processes. Analyzes of survey results with young teachers show that the greatest difficulty for beginning teachers cause effective methodological support of the lesson, its effectiveness. This problem stems from the fact that young professional at the beginning of the work has sufficient subject knowledge, but lack professional skills, because he has no experience, and it requires constant methodological support by experienced mentors.

October 12, 2018 for students of the faculty of additional and distance education head of the Project office of the University Balgabaeva G. Z. was a lecture on the implementation of the state program «Modernization of Kazakhstan's identity». The lecture discussed the transition of the state language to the Latin alphabet, as well as the features of the projects "Spiritual shrines of Kazakhstan", "100 new faces of Kazakhstan", "Modern Kazakh culture in the global world". The lecturer presented the main content of the Project office.

October 8-11, 2018 in the Assembly hall were held installation meetings with students of the faculty of additional and distance education, students of distance education technology. More than five hundred students received information about the features of the credit technology of education in our University, which was presented by the Dean of the faculty of additional and distance education S. V. Samarkin. A training seminar on work in distance learning programs Moodle, Platonus was held by The head of the distance learning Center P. N. Radchenko

September 26, 2018 within the vocational guidance work and cooperation with the schools our university hosted an excursion of students of the "Physical and Mathematical Lyceum" of Kostanay (the head of the group is a history teacher and a graduate of KSPU Kovalchuk N.V.). The excursion was organized by the faculty of additional and distance education together with the Department of History of Kazakhstan of the Social and Humanitarian Faculty. Samarkin S.V. told the students about the history of the creation and activities of our educational institution, organized visits to the nominal audiences of - Y. Altynsarin, M.K. Kozybayeva, G.D. Ganturin, V.S. Makotchenko and others.

The Kazakhstan education system is in a condition of continuous modernization of basic elements: contents, technologies, organization, providing, and management. An important problem of our country facing teachers of all educational institutions is the introduction of innovative technologies in the educational process. Innovative activity creates a basis for the creation of competitiveness of the educational institution in the education market, defines the directions of professional growth of the teacher, his creative search, promotes the personal growth of pupils.

10-11 January 2018 held methodical seminars for teachers of colleges of Kostanay region and teachers of Kostanay state pedagogical Institute. Seminars conducted by teachers of the Faculty of social sciences and humanities -– Abylmalykov K. K., Anasova A. B., lecturer in art Esmaganbetova Sh. K. The aim of the seminar is to acquaint students with criteria-based assessment system that combines formative and summative assessment.

On January 11, 2018, a methodical seminar was organized by the Faculty of Additional and Distance Learning on the topic "Evaluation for Learning and Evaluation of Learning". The purpose of the seminar is to discuss the status of the evaluation pitch in the framework of updating the content of the school curriculum and to familiarize themselves with the experience of the evaluation work in the PI PML of Kostanay. The seminar discussed the theoretical foundations of formative and summative assessment, the problems of introducing and using these types of assessment in the learning process in school.

On October 9, 10, 11, 2017, the discussion of the President N.A. Nazarbayev's article has taken place. The theme was - "Prospection:  the modernization of public consciousness" with students of the first course of all the specialties of the faculty of Additional and Distance education of KSPI. The head of the design office of KSPI is G.Z. Balgabayeva has emphasized political and public relevance of society's modernization. G.Z. Balgabayeva has told about the course of implementation of program article by the PPC group of institute and has drawn the attention of the audience to the importance of the program «Туған жер», to formation of the Kazakhstan patriotism.

At the faculty of Additional education at the Kostanay state pedagogic institute, from May 29 to June 10, 2017 for teachers of colleges and schools, have completed 2 weeks advanced training courses on the theme: "Modern approaches in training of younger school students in the conditions of updating content education". In the context of this subject, questions innovative processes in primary education in the conditions of modernization, active methods and innovative technologies of training at elementary school, information and communication technologies, were considered.

At the faculty of additional education at Kostanay state pedagogical institute from May 22 to June 3, 2017, for teachers of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, colleges and schools have completed 2 weeks advanced training courses on a subject: " students' critical thinking development". In the context of this subject questions of philosophy of a project "critical thinking development through reading and writing", effective methods of collective learning, modern technologies and techniques of work for the development of critical thinking of students were considered. The leading teachers of Institute gave a practical training, master classes, consultations and group discussions.

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