Meeting with the creator of the local history website "Kostanay and inhabitants of Kostanay"

On December 12, 2018 the meeting of participants of the local historians club of U. Sultangazin KGPU with A.G. Kozybayev - the creator of the website "Kostanay and inhabitants of Kostanay" took place in the History Lab. Armand Gabdrashevich has been working on the website within the last ten years. One of the biggest collection of photo and archival documents in the Republic of Kazakhstan is placed there. There are more than 25 thousand photos, considerable number of materials of the old newspaper, memoirs and other materials which local historians, fans of history constantly address.

However, the main task of this Internet portal, from the point of view of its creator – the search of genealogical information. Today the genealogical data posted on the website attract interest of Kazakhstan citizens and our former compatriots from different corners from all over the world, scientific and even business representatives. Kozybayev A.G. told about work features of the portal, interesting information about famous people of the Kostanay region, informative historical facts about our region.

The first-year students of specialty "History", pupils of the teacher training college, Yarochkina E.V. - the associated professor of Public disciplines bases of right and economy department, Shagatayeva Z.Zh. - the teacher of the Kostanay teacher training college participated in the meeting of the local historians club. The meeting was organized by Samarkin S.V., the scientific consultant of the club, candidate of historical sciences, the dean of the faculty of additional and remote education.




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