Art exhibition of the students Temirbekova Zhibek and Musabekova Saniya

The debut art exhibition of two talented students 2 courses, Zhibek Temirbekova and to Saniya Musabekova studying for specialties "Fine Arts and Drawing" opened today, on November 22, 2016, in the hall of the first floor at the Kostanay state teacher training college. The right to act an exhibition, the first at opening, with an opening speech was granted to the manager of department Sapiyeva Maira Saimovna who noted the high level of professionalism of the presented works skill and technology of performance, thin philosophy of pictures and were stated by confidence that modern painting of Kazakhstan – in hands of young talents. The manager of APK department O. N. Evdokimova continued a performance having noted that this exhibition, being the result of the collaboration of APK department and department of arts, gives the start for the organization of the whole cycle of exhibitions of young artists - students of our higher education institution. "In spite of the fact that Zhibek and Saniya are still studying; their works are emotional, substantial and worthy the organizations of a personal exhibition".

About the feelings and emotions which induced to paint pictures about plans for the future and about the teachers – mentors at whom young artists diligently adopted experience, studying at art school before receipt in the institute, little girls said during the performance. The curator of group Sapiyev Anuar Sartayevich and classmates who thought of the organization of own exhibition at native institute too came to congratulate and support students. The art exhibition from Temirbekova Zhibek and Musabekova Saniya will be till the middle of December.


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