On February 22, 2019 the meeting with Vishnichenko Valery Georgiyevich, a famous public and political figure of our area, associated professor of KSPU, candidate of historical sciences took place within an activity of the club of local historians. The event was organized and moderated by Samarkin S.V. - a scientific consultant of the club. Among the participants were teachers and students of KSPU and the Kostanay Pedagogical College. The meeting began with a television story about V.G. Vishnichenko, telling about him as a great organizer, politician, orator, creative person, wonderful family man.

The faculty of additional and distance education on December 21, 2018 held a methodical seminar "Using elements of pedagogical technologies in the educational process of the university" following the results of advanced training of teachers in June 2018. The seminar was prepared and conducted by the teachers of the KSPU named after O. Sultangazin. Ivanova E.N., Senior Lecturer of the Department of Pedagogy, told and visually presented materials on the using of associograms, video clips, Screencast, reflection on lectures, Case-study and reflection on a seminar lesson, using the design method on SRSP (independent work of a student with a teacher), B. Blum's taxonomy and testing on SRS (student independent work) on the theory and methodology of educational work.

On December 12, 2018 the meeting of participants of the local historians club of U. Sultangazin KGPU with A.G. Kozybayev - the creator of the website "Kostanay and inhabitants of Kostanay" took place in the History Lab. Armand Gabdrashevich has been working on the website within the last ten years. One of the biggest collection of photo and archival documents in the Republic of Kazakhstan is placed there. There are more than 25 thousand photos, considerable number of materials of the old newspaper, memoirs and other materials which local historians, fans of history constantly address.

The Kazakhstan education system is in a condition of continuous modernization of basic elements: contents, technologies, organization, providing, and management. An important problem of our country facing teachers of all educational institutions is the introduction of innovative technologies in the educational process. Innovative activity creates a basis for the creation of competitiveness of the educational institution in the education market, defines the directions of professional growth of the teacher, his creative search, promotes the personal growth of pupils.

On November 23, 2018 the discussion of the Kazakhstan President N.A. Nazarbayev’s article "Seven sides of the Great steppe" took place in the History Lab (audience 221). The faculty of additional and remote education staff took part in discussion. As the main moderator and speaker was the faculty dean, candidate of historical sciences – Samarkin S.V. He noted that the initiatives reflected in the article have to change radically the attitude to studying and teaching national history. The past of our country is inseparably linked with the history of the nomadizm which made an impact on world civilizations of the past.

A regular meeting of the local historian club took place in the walls of our University On November 9, 2018. As a guest and the main speaker of the meeting Alekseenko Marina Aleksandrovna - the head of Department of the state account and ensuring documents safety of the State archive of the Kostanay region was invited. The theme of her archival and scientific search is the fate of deported people in Kazakhstan. She is a frequent participant of international and national forums on the problem of deportation, the author of publications about the German Diaspora in the Kostanay region.

The 1st of November of the 2018 year as part of the tutor project “I am intern” was held a round table called “I am intern: my career path” with interns, who graduated in 2017 and 2018 years. The round table was attended by 20 young teachers of Kostanay, experienced teachers-mentors from the University and freelance correspondent of the newspaper “Білімді ел – Образованная страна” Anna Baksaraeva. Young teachers told how the adaptation was in school, what were the difficulties, shared with their successes and achievements.

October 26, 2018 in the History Lab (221 cabinet) held a regular meeting of the club of local historians with the participation of students of Kostanay state pedagogical University and Kostanay pedagogical College. Scientific consultant of the club - Dean of the faculty of additional and distance education, candidate of historical Sciences Sergey Samarkin provided information about famous people of our region, held and upcoming events with the participation of local historians. Next, with a small report of the visit p. Vvedenka was made by the head of a group of students, scouts Kostanay pedagogical college Shagataev Zauresh Jarasbaevna.

On October 22, 2018, the Center for international relations and academic mobility together with the Faculty of additional and distance learning of KSPU held an online discussion on "Innovative approaches in the methodology of teaching English: the development of reading skills". The discussion was attended by students of the specialty "Foreign language: two foreign languages", teachers of the Department of foreign languages of KSPU (Podawac O. D., Asanov A. B., Kudritskaya M. I., Ouali A. I.), teachers and students of Arkalyk state pedagogical Institute.

On October 12, 2018, the first meeting of the KSPU club of local historians took place. The activities of the club interested students majoring in "Tourism", "History", as well as 2nd year students of Kostanay pedagogical College. In total, 20 students and teachers took part in the first meeting. Among them – the teacher of chair of foreign languages, Kostanay pedagogical College Shagataeva Zauresh Jurasbaevna, senior lecturer of the Theory and practice of physical culture, sport and tourism Gurskaya Irina Feodorovna.

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