Оpen lesson on the Kazakh language

On December 4, 2019, associate Professor of the educational program of the Kazakh language and literature Department of Philology, Ph. D. Bezaubekova Almagul Danenovna held an open lesson on the Kazakh language with 1st year students on the topic «Kamshat Donenbayeva». The purpose of the lesson: to repeat the grammatical theme «Semantic forms of adjectives», to study the lexical theme "Kamshat Donenbaeva".

Students consistently read the assigned reading method «Oimonshak», worked with the dictionary worked with a chronological table. Tasks by subscription - writing adjectives from the text, training work. By pronunciation-tell the content of the text in three languages, share your thoughts. Reflection, mutual assessment, methods of questioning with students, smart goal, critical learning technology, new technological methods and techniques were used. Presentations and video materials in PREZI format were used as illustrative materials.

The results of the practical lesson were analyzed by the participants of the lesson and decisions were made that the lesson meets the scientific and methodological requirements.

04 12 2019

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