Successful completion of the week of the educational program in the field of foreign language teacher training

A foreign language as a subject has great potential in terms of developing learners' abilities for general and logical action and problem solving. To activate the creative abilities of students, it is necessary to improve the types and forms of learning activities (thematic) weeks, contests, quizzes, games, project activities, role-playing games, etc.). This will help to consolidate the material passed at the level of imaginative thinking.

The week of the educational program provides for the participation of a wide number of students and includes a complex of activities, different in form and content, which are held during a certain period of time and are aimed at implementing the objectives of an integrated approach to the development, upbringing, and education of students by means of a foreign language.

Various types of mass extracurricular activities contribute to the development of linguistic and socio-cultural competence, the formation of personal qualities of students, including the development of creative abilities, the formation of personal responsibility for the results of work.

The week of the educational program in the direction of training of foreign language teachers is held annually in February according to the preliminary prepared program. The topics should be interesting, informative, and accessible, related to the educational material and correspond to the age characteristics and level of their language training.

The goals and objectives of the EP Week activities are following:

  1. Repeat and activate learning materials learned in informal settings and non-traditional forms.
  2. To increase students' interest and motivation in learning the first and second foreign languages.
  3. To stimulate creative activity and initiative of students of different specialties.
  4. To form professional qualities of students of the Department of Philology.

21 02 2020 3i

In order to organize and conduct an independent and objective control over the level of skills and abilities in various types of speech activity, the linguistic Olympiad among the 1st and 2nd year students of the Department of Philology was held on February 17, 2020. The Olympiad in English searches for talents determines the most prepared, gifted students who have shown a special interest in the subject. The Olympiad was held in 2 rounds. After the first round, the subject commission Balzhanova A.M., Bermukhambetova A.A., Podavets O.D. and Suleimenova G.M. evaluated the answers and made a list of the Olympiad participants with the total number of points in the first round. In the second round the participants with the highest number of points came out. According to the results of the Olympiad the winners are:

Among the 1st year students:

1 place- Ruff Yuri

2 places- Bolat Ayimtory

3 seats- Kasaeva Aruzhan

Among the 2nd year students:

1 place- Ostryanina Victoria

2 places-- Kasym Kanat

3 seats- Begetaeva Gulnara

21 02 2020 4i

A new and interesting event this year was the "Pilot Project on Local Government", in which 1-3 year students directly participated. The purpose of student self-governance is, on the one hand, that students become involved in the existing pyramids of relationships, on the other hand, that they gain personal experience of democratic relationships and forms of awareness of them. From 9.00 to 12.00 students of the Department of Philology were in the role of administration and teachers of the university. Two meetings with the 1st-2nd year students as well as open classes with the 3rd year students were included in the program of Self-Government Day. The 3rd year students: Zyuban V, Semibalamut S, Tanirtay B, Rudenko A, Ermakov I, Muratbekova T, Matviyenko K. were included in the role of administration. The role of teachers was played by Seidegali D (Case Technology in English Language Teaching), Ozarnikova M ( The Language Immersion Method in English Language Teaching) and Dementieva A (Master Class "Four Squares Method" in English Language Teaching). At the end of the round table, two important issues were discussed: 1. The form of the events at the university and 2. Discussion of the content of the educational program. The students were awarded diplomas for active participation in the pilot project on self-governance.

February 19, 2020 was a very eventful day, because in addition to training and educational activities there was a regional competition "Abay’s readings" among students of universities and colleges and an Open Day for pupils of schools of Kostanay city, which was attended by more than 50 students of such schools as: #9, #6, #20, #16, SMG. At 10.30 teachers of German Burmagina L.A. and Rakhmetova A.A. held a "Your game" on the theme "Deutsh mit Spass" in order to repeat, consolidate and deepen the material studied, to form a sense of collectivity and healthy competition, the ability to defend their views. The following places were awarded at the end of the game:

1 place - team AN-18-12 "Wissbegierige Studenten".

2 places - team AN-18-23 "Gemüse"

3 places - team AN-18-21 "Glück"

2020 02 20 i12

The advantage of using interactive lectures in the learning process is that the acquired knowledge and skills are deeper; more systematized, better remembered and more easily updated, and increased interest in the content of the subject. So on February 20, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor M.I. Kudritskaya held an open, interactive lecture on "Criteria for evaluation of the final research project. During the lecture, 3rd year students worked in groups, each of which presented their creatively prepared answer to the question posed. During the defense students were able to show not only active participation in educational activities, but also the ability to work in teams. The basis of professionalism of teachers is usually considered to be pedagogical skill - mastery of pedagogical skills that provide competent and pedagogically target-oriented organization of the pedagogical process. A higher level of professionalism is pedagogical skill, which is most often defined as a set of special skills and abilities that allow a teacher to effectively manage the educational and training activities of students. This level of professional activity we could observe at this lesson.

21 02 2020 10ii

21 02 2020 6i

A "Festival of foreign song" was held in order to popularize and raise the prestige of learning foreign languages, to develop intercultural competence, i.e. to introduce students to the modern and classical musical culture of the countries of the language studied, to identify and support talented students not only in language specialties, to create conditions for the realization of the creative potential of the young generation and creative interaction between students and teachers. Senior lecturer of the Department of Philology Serzhan-Abdrakhmanova S.K. and senior lecturer Kuskadamova K.S. organized a great show, which was attended by students of all specialties of KSPU named after U.Sultangasin. The students managed to surprise the jury members namely Amirhamzin N.K., senior lecturer, master of pedagogy and psychology of the art department, senior lecturer of the department of philology G.P. Moskaleva, and senior lecturer, master of linguistics Kuskadamova K.S.

21 02 2020 9i

21 02 2020 7i

21 02 2020 8i

According to the results of the contest the 1st place was awarded to A. Mahmutova, the 1st year student of the Department of Philology, the 2nd place was taken by D. Fironov, and the deserved 3rd place was awarded to the student E. Pimno Bezrukova.

Since ancient times, various forms of theatrical action have served as the most visible and emotional way of transferring knowledge and experience in human society. An open practical lesson in a foreign language using the method of dramatization has become a clear proof that thanks to the theatrical performance students develop not only communication abilities, but also creative potential. The lesson demonstrated effective methods and techniques in teaching all types of speech activity. Senior lecturer of the Department of Philology Ungutbayeva G.Sh. showed the high level of preparation of 1st year students, their ability to correctly and competently use all the forms of speech activity. The use of video resources, demonstration and handouts, dramatization, as well as warm-up activities increased motivation and intensification of learning, made the lesson even more vivid and memorable both for the students themselves and for the guests present.

In order to implement one of the priority trends of student recruitment strategy intellectual game in conjunction with the language center top Enflishwas held. It was attended by a team of the 1st year students of the Department of Philology and a team of pupils of Kostanay schools № 16, № 17, № 7, PhML, as well as a student of the College of Plumbing of Kostanay. The game consisted of three rounds. At the end of the 1st round team of the 1st course won, but the second round with a 500 difference won the team of students, the third round was decisive and favorable for the team of the 1st course. The quiz has shown active cognitive activity of all participants.

Our teachers of French M.G. Zhakebayeva and A.V. Sukhova conducted the quiz "Civilization de la France". Two teams took part in the quiz. Each team showed good knowledge of country studies and French language in general. The students can speak the language, express their thoughts and work skillfully in the team.

And the final event of OP week was the final conference of the pedagogical practice. The purpose of this event was to summarize the results of practice on the profile of the specialty, analysis of educational and practical work of students during the practice, identifying the best students in the practice.

The results of the conference were concluded. According to the results of pedagogical practice students have prepared practice diaries, lesson plans, pedagogical characteristics per student, per class. Students-practitioners of the 3rd year students made reports on the work they had done. All students were given final marks.

21 02 2020 10i

From the speeches it can be concluded that the practice left only positive impressions, showed practical importance and most importantly students understood that being a teacher is a great responsibility that requires careful preparation.

I congratulate all participants and organizers of the week of the educational program in the direction of training of foreign language teachers! It should be noted that the program of EP Week was traditionally eventful, but this did not prevent teachers and students to conduct all planned activities at a high professional level.

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