Open day of the Department of Philology

On February 19, 2020, Open Day was held, which gathered a large number of students from schools of the city. The event was attended by more than 50 students of such schools as: №9, №6, №20, №16, GSM, the purpose of which was to implement one of the main priorities of student recruitment strategy.

Due to the speeches of the Head of Department Nurmukhametova K.T., heads of educational programs and the Head of Office of Recruitment and Public Services Department Kovaleva N.V., this event helped pupils to learn more about the procedure of passing UNT, the right choice of the university, and in general to make the right decision in choosing the future profession.

It is important for each student to learn how students study, how they spend their student lives, for this purpose we gave them the opportunity to have an opportunity to meet with students of 2-4 years of the Department of Philology. They described in detail what opportunities are available to everyone who enters KSPU named after U.Sultangasin, what goals they can achieve through their active work, what knowledge can be obtained through education received in the walls of our university.

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