Communication with basic schools

February 7 summed up the essay contest "My place in the future of my country" as part of the week of the educational program "Russian Language and Literature".

It was attended by students of 1-2 courses, students of grades 8-11 of secondary schools. Total participants – 70 people.

During the event, a recruiting campaign was conducted to promote the educational program and its achievements.

The purpose of the event is to contribute to the formation of a comprehensively developed personality with an active lifestyle.

To participate, students with the Kazakh language of instruction of educational programs “Foreign language: two foreign languages”, “Mathematics” and students of basic schools (№ 2, GMG, NIS, FML, № 8, etc.) were involved.

Students-trainees also took part in the preparation.

The winners were determined:

Russian as the language of instruction – 1st year students Zaitseva V., Mikitaychuk A; 2nd year student Kudryavtseva D.

The kazakh language of instruction is Kazgeldi Zarina (1 year, “Mathematics”), Aytmukhanovа Yasainа, Bakubaevа Azizа (2 year, “Foreign language: two foreign languages”).

School students: Bykova A. – FML, Baynasheva E., Klyuchnikova A. - GMG, Glukhiy V. - school-lyceum №2, Limonova V. - high school №8, Amanova K. - Arshalinsky School, Ibraev A., Zhalgas S. - NIS.

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