On February 20, at 15.00 in the conference hall of the Institute was held a round table discussion on "Multilingual education as the main condition for integration into the international educational space" with the participation of representatives of the city department of education of akimat of Kostanay, Nazarbayev University, AEO "Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics of Kostanay", schools of Kostanay, gymnasiums, KSU "Boarding school for gifted children "Ozat", Office of Education of akimat of Kostanay region, colleges of Kostanay and Rudniy, RSPC "Kostanay daryny", branch of PE "Center of pedagogical skills in Kostanay", JSC "NTSPK "Orleu" IPK PR of Kostanay region. A welcoming speech was performed by the vice-rector of academic and methodological work of KSPI, PhD, candidate of juridical sciences, associate professor Tolegen M.A

In the end of training at the Center of Excellence AEO "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" at the chair of natural sciences was held a seminar" Discussion and ways of implementation the international educational program in the learning process, drawn up jointly with the Center of Excellence AEO "NIS" and the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. "

Chair of Russian Language and Literature since 2012 has been working closely with Zhambylskaya ungraded school of Kostanay region: an agreement concluded on pedagogical collaboration, developed a joint work plan. According to the plan, teachers of the chair render methodological assistance to teachers of school in the organization of training and educational work: individual counseling on teaching Russian language and literature, field training seminars, trainings, workshops on topical issues in the development of ungraded schools, joint activities undertaken in the framework of the Week of the chair. School teachers took an active part in the methodical seminar "Innovative technologies in teaching Russian language."

In 2014, teachers of the chairs of pedagogy, foreign languages, the chair of natural sciences, physical and mathematical and technical disciplines in accordance with the approved schedule of NTSPK branch of JSC "Orleu" - Republic Institute for Management and the academic staff of the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan have been trained on the basis of Newcastle University in Newcastle (UK) and at the International Academy of Management and Technology in Düsseldorf (Germany).

In the first half of 2014-2015 academic year were held four methodological weeks of chairs: Kazakh language and literature (November 03-08), Theory and Practice of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism (November 10-15), history of Kazakhstan (November 17-21), the Russian language and literature (December 1-6).

On the 9th of September 2014 Kostanay state pedagogical institute took part in telephone conference on academic mobility. Organizers of this conference Center of the Bologna Process and academic mobility of MES RK. The meeting was also attended by representatives of national and regional universities of Kazakhstan. On behalf of the institute performed a vice rector on educational and methodological work Tolegen M.A.

23.04.14 at 3 o'clock in conference-hall was held a round-table on the theme "Polylinguism as one of priority of modern education: state, issues, perspectives". The event was organized by a teacher of the chair of practical linguistic of the foreign language faculty. Teachers and students of KSPI took part in the work of this session

Rural school of Kazakhstan is presented mainly as an ungraded school by virtue of social and economical conditions. Specificity is determined by a small contingent of students, combined class-sets, multi-disciplinary of one teacher, combination of different ages of students in a class, a special form of training sessions.

20th of March, 2014 from a trip to the University of Macau (China) in the framework of the academic mobility of teachers returned Kudritskaya M.I., the head of the chair of foreign languages, Kudritskaya E.A., teacher of the chair of foreign languages. During the period from 8th till 17th of March they worked in the English language center of the Macau University, they taught English for academic purposes to students of all four levels, exchanged practical experience with colleagues of the center, shared information about Kazakhstan and the cultural project "Trilingual in the Republic of Kazakhstan".

On the 27th of January 2012 International Reseach-to-Practice Conference “Integration process in education: problems and prospects.” took place at Kostanai State Pedagogical Institute. Native and foreign scientists and practitioners in Education and allied sciences were participating in it: Yegorychev Aleksandr Mikhailovich, PhD., Professor of Social Pedagogy Chair at Moscow Humanities and Pedagogy Institute, Manager of Scientific Experts Committee (Regional Public Organisation) “Centre of Innovation Technologies and Social Expertise”, an academician, Vice-President of International Slavic; Mardakhayev Lev Vladimirovich, Doctor of Education, a Professor, Social Pedagogy Chairperson’s deputy at Moscow Humanities and Pedagogy Institute, Vice-President of Social Teachers and Social Workers of Russia, Academician MANPO

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