From 8 to 12 November 2017 on the basis of the KSU and of the pedagogical Institute was held external evaluation of educational achievements (TDMA). The students of Kostanay state pedagogical Institute was tested on 19 specialties. The purpose of TDMA is to assess the quality of educational services and determination of level of mastering by students of General education programs of primary, basic secondary, General secondary education and educational programs of higher education provided by the state obligatory standards approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of August 23, 2012 No. 1080 "On approval of state compulsory educational standards of respective levels of education".

All know that vocational guidance represents a complex of special measures of assistance to the person in professional self-determination and the choice of an optimum type of employment taking into account his requirements and opportunities and also formation of competence at him at orientation and adaptation in labor market taking into account a social and economic situation. High school … A hard time for graduates of schools. All this vanity with delivery of the state certification and uniform national testing, preparation to final, and the most important - needs to be chosen profile objects of CNT and approximately already to have an idea of future profession and HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION...

Paramount measures for modernization of system of the Kazakhstan education provide introduction of modern technologies and techniques of training, improvement of quality of teaching staff, strengthening of the educational work aimed at the development of the Kazakhstan patriotism, tolerance, etc. The solution of the specified tasks acquires special relevance in the context of implementation of requirements of the Bologna declaration. It is known that formation of common world educational space, first of all, is expressed in harmonization of approaches to the organization of educational process. Within the Bologna Process the great value is attached to the academic mobility of students, teachers and administrative personnel of higher education institutions.

Pupils of the Fedorovskaya Secondary school №1 were invited to an excursion to KSPI. The main goal of the excursion was further entering to the institute. 24 pupils of the 11th class with the class teacher on October 25, despite the weather conditions, arrived to Kostanay. The staff of reception committee of the institute, teachers of faculties was responsible for professional orientation work met children. "Our institute trains experts in 23 specialties during 78 years, – the Head of reception committee N. Kabdrakhmetov welcomed pupils. - Each year educational grants are selected to institute.

On October 9, 10, 11, 2017, the discussion of the President N.A. Nazarbayev's article has taken place. The theme was - "Prospection:  the modernization of public consciousness" with students of the first course of all the specialties of the faculty of Additional and Distance education of KSPI. The head of the design office of KSPI is G.Z. Balgabayeva has emphasized political and public relevance of society's modernization. G.Z. Balgabayeva has told about the course of implementation of program article by the PPC group of institute and has drawn the attention of the audience to the importance of the program «Туған жер», to formation of the Kazakhstan patriotism.

For two weeks teachers and the staff of institute increased the English language level at summer language school based on the Polylingual Centtr of KSPI. Fascinating occupations in the easy atmosphere and immersion in the English language allowed achieving good results in studying English. In training process listeners were engaged by different techniques, gained the new knowledge necessary in professional activity, and also felt more confident in use of English as communication language.

On 15 May at the Polylingual centre of the Faculty of additional education, English summer school began to work. Within English summer school, about 40 teachers and employees of KSPI have an opportunity to increase the level of English by means of immersion in the atmosphere of the English language. The lessons are daily, with the use of computer technologies and innovative techniques of teaching.

On the period of 15-16th, May, 2017 the Project meeting on ACADEMICA took place in Samarkand Agricultural Institute (Samarkand, Uzbekistan). Representatives of fifteen partner institutions (Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Austria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan) took part at this meeting sharing their data and work packages as well as institutional and national reports on the stage 1 phase of the project. Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute within the framework of this project was represented by: a project manager - dean of Faculty of natural sciences, candidate of technological sciences, Sukhov Mikhail Vasilievich, head of the educational and methodical department, candidate of pedagogical sciences, Kifik Natalia Yurievna and senior teacher of department of foreign languages, master of pedagogy and psychology, Danilova Victoria Valeryevna.

On April 28, 2017 in Kostanay state pedagogical institute has undergone the regional seminar “The problems and prospects of three-lingual education development”. The goal of the seminar: prospects of development discussion and practical solutions of problems in the trilingual education field in Kostanay region, exchange of experience and establishment of scientific and business contacts. Organizers: The polylingual centre and KSPI educational and methodical management, the moderator – is Kifik Natalya Yurevna, the head of KSPI educational and methodical management, the candidate of pedagogical sciences.

On April 27, 2016, the "Job Fair-2017" was taken place at Kostanay state pedagogical institute with the aim of employing graduates of the current year. Representatives of four city and 14 district departments of education, school principals, representatives of colleges of Kostanay, directors and methodologists of preschool institutions, representatives of Zhaksinsk district of Akmola region took part in this fair. In the program of the fair, the head of the teaching and methodical department Kifik Natalia Yuryevna and the methodologist of the Personnel management service of the administration of education of the Akimat of Kostanay region Esmagambetova Gulbana Yermekovna made a welcoming speech. Nurusheva Aliya Balgabaevna, the head of the department of employment and marketing of educational programs of KSPI acquainted students and employers with the Decree of the Government of Republic of Kazakhstan №390 of March 30, 2012 as amended on May 13, 2016 "Approval of the Rules for sending a specialist to work, granting the right to independent employment, the duty or termination of the duty to work for citizens who have been trained on the basis of the state educational order. "

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