Summer school of additional education

During the period from May 20, 2019 to June 10, 2019 in the Kostanay state pedagogical university of Umirzak Sultangazin the summer school of additional education for students of 1-2 courses of the full-time department was held. 947 students from all faculties of the university took part in it. Classes were in a creative and informal form.

Training within the module "Psychology and Pedagogical support of Children with Special Educational Needs" contributed to the moral and spiritual development of students, formation of the atmosphere of friendship, respect, mutual understanding and support, formation of the tolerant attitude towards physically disabled people.

Classes of foreign-language speech activization in the form of games, trainings, project work became a training basis of the module "Active Methods of Training of English". Students worked in groups of replaceable structure at each lessons, every day they were divided into groups on the new principle.

The relaxed atmosphere and immersion on language environment allowed to achieve good results in studying English. In the course of training students were engaged by various techniques, gained the new knowledge necessary in professional activity, and also felt more confident in use of English as communication language.

In the course of development of the module "New Kazakh Alphabet and Rules of Spelling on a Latin Basis" skills of the fast and competent letter and intensive reading were formed. Students performed various tasks and exercises systematized on subjects.

The purpose of the module "Startup as basis of competitiveness of the specialist-teacher" is business activity training of student's community, for increment of the human and social capital of potential businessmen and improving competitiveness of future experts.

Classes were given in a format of business trainings, seminars and discussions both by teachers and experts of KSPU, and the invited business coaches and businessmen of NPP RK “Atameken”, SPC “Tobol”, office "Ruhani Zhanhyru”.

At the end of summer school of additional education, certificates were given to students, results of summer school of additional education are brought in the student's transcript. Positive evaluation of the school work was given by students. Let's provide some statements:

  • Did not get a lot of new information, because of little time for one subject. It was pleasant to write a dictation in Latin. Active methods of foreign language studing were interesting.
  • Visit of summer school was very useful addition to my training and, in my opinion – necessary.
  • The novelty of approach in modern education defines innovatics.
  • Everything was pleasant to me. We learned a lot of new. Teachers were highly qualified specialists. Thanks a lot for useful knowledge.

summer school

summer school

summer school

summer school

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