"Methods of work with blocks Z. Dienes"

Teacher of the Department "Preschool and primary education" Guchshina U.V. was held an open lesson at the 3rd year students of the specialty "Preschool education" on the topic "Methods of work with blocks Z. Dienes". During the lesson, the teacher used the method of analysis of the case on the topic of the lesson. The use of this technology allowed students to analyze the problem situation of the case, to Express their opinions. Students' answers were based on the knowledge of didactic principles of organization of educational activities of preschool children.

After updating the knowledge of students on the methods of formation of elementary mathematical representations Guchshina U. V. showed students the possibility of using blocks Dienes for the development of mathematical representations of preschool children. Verbal support of all types of exercises contributed to the formation of students ' professional competencies. At the end, a reflection was held, with the help of which students were able to share their impressions of the open class.


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