"The young teacher in a modern school. Successes and Challenges"

Modern schools need professional competent, independent-minded teacher, psychologically and technically ready for the meaningful inclusion in the innovation processes.

Analyzes of survey results with young teachers show that the greatest difficulty for beginning teachers cause effective methodological support of the lesson, its effectiveness. This problem stems from the fact that young professional at the beginning of the work has sufficient subject knowledge, but lack professional skills, because he has no experience, and it requires constant methodological support by experienced mentors.

To assist young teachers on the basis of our university created the Institute of pedagogical mentoring, where the tutor’s project is implemented called "I am a trainee".

The project aims to provide scientific and methodological, psychological and organizational support to graduates of teacher training. The project will help establish the feedback and identify systemic problems in the professional activity of graduates.

  • Project implementation period: 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years.
  • Target group: graduates KSPU 2017- 2018 year.

October 11 at the Faculty of Philology Azhiniyazova Jeanne Muratovna, English teacher school number 23, a graduate of Kostanai State Pedagogical Institute in 2015, shared the experience on the implementation of the electronic journal “Kүndelіk” at her lessons. The meeting was interesting. The seminar was attended by intern in 2018 Mahrubaeva Zhadyra, Kazakh language and literature teacher at secondary school named after Abai at Kostanay region. Zhadyra shared her first successes in the profession and the complexities in the work. Today, together with senior lecturer Aliyeva Didar Aliaskarovnoy she is preparing a joint publication "Abai zhane folklore".

During fall holiday is scheduled Roundtable "I intern: my profession in a practical way".

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