Staff of the KSPU on a courses on training of trainers

In the period from September 17 to September 28, 2018 in Astana were held training courses for trainers on educational programs for raising the qualifications for teaching staff in the subjects of social and humanitarian and natural-mathematical cycles as part of updating the content of secondary education. Among the course participants are our teachers - Arsaeva, S. B., Baubekova, G. K., Koszhanova, G. K., Kozhanova A.G., Suyundikova, Z. T.

The purpose of training was to provide assistance of the professional development of teachers for their further training of students and to expand the methodological range of future teachers, the formation of their general pedagogical, general methodological techniques necessary in practical work.

Teachers mastered the strategies of work in the context of updating the content of secondary education, with the preparation of a new teacher format, able to use the basic 7 modules. In the practical part of the training of trainers planned and conducted lessons in academic subjects, with active training in the structure of the test specification of summative assessment.

In the near future teachers, completed courses, intend to hold training for the teaching staff of the University.

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