New academic year in leading European Universities

Students’ years - it is time when many want to travel and discover something new, distant, unknown.

Academic mobility is a new kind of "tourism" in which students choose not only the direction, but also the country and the city.

Participation in the academic mobility program in Kazakhstan and abroad is one of the favourite opportunities for our students! Each student of our University was able to test his or her knowledge for a grant to participate in the programme. In the new academic year of 2018-2019, five participants from the Department of Biology, Physics, Foreign Languages have gone to Slovakia and France to study: Baimuhanbetova Inzhu, Murat Aidar, Urmanova Rysaldy, Korganbek Khaknazar, Abdigapparova Aysara.

And moreover - other students were given the chance to study abroad within the Erasmus+ program - in Perpignan, the University "Via Domitia" - Anna Chunina, Maria Petrova, Tatiana Velundrozy. At the University of Western Hungary, Sopron, the students of the 4th course, the Faculty of Philology Nurmакhambet Ball and Rabatowa Nargiz are going to spend the autumn semester there.

The students of the 2nd and 3rd courses in the specialty of «Physical Culture and Sport» Bubley Valeriy and Yustus Vyacheslav take part in the exchange programme with Magnitogorsk State Technical University of G. I. Nosova.

We wish you good luck!




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