The regular meeting of Scientific and methodical council has taken up the vital issues of activity of pedagogical staff of higher education institution

About measures for multidimensional modernization of educational process in higher education institution the Chairman of Scientific and methodical council G. Musabekova has acted. The New Humanitarian Knowledge project keeps within a framework of the Rukhani Zhangyru program. I have noted that issue of 18 new textbooks – an important event in life of the Kazakhstan educational community. An opportunity to enrich educational process with the new textbooks translated to Kazakh which use at the best universities of the world is had. And the fact that the emphasis is placed on the humanities – an important factor as it is the sphere of the public relations. In the world there are big changes, and Kazakhstan has to be in the center of events. In translation of these classical world works into Kazakh there is a multiplicative effect of language, communicative, intellectual enrichment. Our higher education institution is also focused to include 18 textbooks in lists of the recommended literature of educational and methodical complexes of the corresponding disciplines of modular educational programs for 2018-2019 academic years.

The question of digitalization of educational and methodical documentary base is brought up. The state program "Digital Kazakhstan" is based on the Message of the President "The third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness" from 1/31/2017. The program purpose –is an acceleration of rates of use of digital technologies in the medium term. Our collective studies regulation on introduction of electronic document flow, storage conditions of electronic data, division of competences and responsibility for saving data, reliability of information and its availability. The schedule of creation of the register of nomenclature affairs (documents) is developed for digitalization.

At a meeting in a prism of student approach to the organization of the training guaranteeing high-quality training of future expert attraction of external and internal resources of the educational environment is considered. Educational achievements of the graduates studying in professional and career interests and positioning of the opportunities given by the university are reflected fully in a transcript.

Научно-методический совет

Today huge attention is paid to ergonomic approaches in studying of the person in the production environment, jobs, the most convenient for the worker, and also to studying of regularity of formation of the harmonious subject environment of life and activity of the person. In higher education institution a number of the target audiences equipped with the modern equipment, computer appliances and the software is created. Expertize of classroom fund of the University for Identification of potential of his development and optimum use has been carried out.

The pedagogical staff of the university, being group of adherents, is focused on the developed system of actions for realization of specific pedagogical objectives with specification of a role and the place of each action, time of implementation of these actions, their participants and conditions necessary for efficiency of all system of actions, in the conditions of the available and attracted resources.

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