“Polylinguism as one of priority of modern education: state, issues, perspectives”

23.04.1423.04.14 at 3 o'clock in conference-hall was held a round-table on the theme "Polylinguism as one of priority of modern education: state, issues, perspectives". The event was organized by a teacher of the chair of practical linguistic of the foreign language faculty. Teachers and students of KSPI took part in the work of this session. There were vice-rector of training and methodological work Tolegen M.A., the representative of the language department Tabuldinova T.B., the head of the Polylinguism center Zhanburshinova G.K. In the introductory speech senior teacher, candidate of philosophical sciences Nurmukhametova K.T. identified the topical issues to be discussed:
- Development of multilingual personality – the goal of language policy of the independent Kazakhstan;
- The issue of realization of multilingual education at KSPI;

The dean of the foreign language faculty Doroshok E.L. performed with a report on the theme "Multilingual education at KSPI". The third question seemed to be the most interesting to the participants of the round-table, where were touched upon issues of realization of multilingual education at KSPI. Within the coverage of the issue, Konysbayeva D.M. reported about achievements and problems appeared during preparation of multilingual staff on the NMF. Students asked questions actively, expressed their opinion and suggestions on the discussed theme, shared an experience of learning disciplines in three languages. As evidence of this students performed in Kazakh, Russian and English.
For instance, a first-year student of the NMF Moskalenko A., noted an importance of learning state language in the future professional activity and an interest to learning Kazakh (Moskalenko A. spoke freely in Kazakh, competently wielding terminology on specialty).
At the end of the discussion, the roundtable participants expressed the wish to continue the theme, to share their suggestions and experience of multilingual education and solve problems together, arising from the implementation of this program.

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