Multilinguism - the requirement of time

21.04.16On April 21, 2016 Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute hosted the round table on the theme "Polylingual education as a factor in the effective socialization of future specialists in modern society." The event was held under the auspices of the regional assembly of people of Kazakhstan and educational-methodical department of KSPI. Roundtable participants were: employees of the Secretariat of the regional assembly of people of Kazakhstan, SI "Department of the development of languages" of Kostanay region, members of the regional scientific-expert group of the assembly of people of Kazakhstan, representatives of ethno-cultural associations, teachers of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of physics - mathematical direction, deans, heads of departments and students.
Welcoming remarks were made by the acting rector, the vice-rector of research and International relations of Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute, doctor of historical sciences, a professor Abil Erkіn Amanzholuly and head of the secretariat of the regional assembly of people of Kazakhstan Kudaykulova Gulvira Zhazitovna.
The moderator of the round table was the head of educational department, PhD (doctorate) in pedagogy Kifik Natalia Yurievna.
21.04.16Presentations were made by the chief specialist of SI "Department of development of languages" of Kostanay region Nazirov Sayat Serikuly, a member of the scientific expert group of the regional assembly of people of Kazakhstan - Ermenbaeva Gulzhan Kakimbekovna, also the head of the department of history of Kazakhstan of Kostanay State University named after A.Baitursynov.
Heads of the department of Natural Sciences, PhD, associate professor Konysbaeva Damelya Toremuratovna and senior lecturer, department of foreign languages Ungutbaeva Gulbanu Shabazovna told about the experience of the implementation the polylingual education at departments of KSPI.
Deputy Director for external relations of NIS in Kostanay Suleimenova Nursulu Zhalgasbaevna and Demessenov Beibit Merekeevich, a biology teacher, Master of Biology, told about how much attention is paid at their school in study of the humanitarian subjects, including multilingual education. There are not only subject teachers, but also international educators from the USA, UK, South Africa, Australia, teachers of additional education, educators, psychologists, and educators -curators.
Bektemirov Rinad Valtaevich, chairman of the Tatar-Bashkir ethnocultural association "Duslyk" told about the organization and forms of work of associations and to create favorable conditions for the study of the native language. We were pleasantly surprised with the knowledge of the state language by Semenkova Victoria, a specialist of Kostanay OTD JSC "Kazakhtelecom", who told about the use of knowledge of Kazakh language and the organization of language training at her enterprise.
21.04.16The 4th year student of polylingual group, specialty "Biology" Maruarova Arai, Abisheva Anara and 3rd year student of polylingual group, specialty "Foreign language: two foreign languages" Bayanbekova Nilzhan shared with own impressions of the learning experiences at polylingual groups
In conclusion, a moderator Kifik Natalia Yurievna got acquainted with the draft of the resolution of the round table, which was adopted unanimously. The resolution of the round table offers:
- To increase the number of specialized disciplines, taught in English at universities;
- Departments must intensify work on the academic mobility of lecturers within conducting lessons in English at universities of Kazakhstan and abroad;
- To support the efforts of KSPI and other participants in the round table on the development of scientifically research and educational programs through their joint development and testing; continue to conduct joint research and teaching activities with educational institutions in the region on issues of the trilingual education;
- Aiming for passage of productive practice of students of polylingual groups to schools and colleges that implement the principles of the trilingual education;
- To join efforts of KSPI and Regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan to hold joint events dedicated to the issues of the trilingual education.



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