Methodological seminar


In the end of training at the Center of Excellence AEO "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" at the chair of natural sciences was held a seminar" Discussion and ways of implementation the international educational program in the learning process, drawn up jointly with the Center of Excellence AEO "NIS" and the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. "

Teachers of the chair of natural sciences shared Their experience and developments; they spoke on the application of new technologies in carrying disciplines of biological block in the classroom: management and leadership in education, training, critical thinking, assessment for learning and assessment of learning, the use of ICT in teaching and learning, teaching gifted and talented children.

Taurbaeva G.O., candidate of chemical sciences, in her speech spoke about the use of technology development of critical thinking in the classroom. The teacher noted that critical thinking is an approach to understanding, assessment, analysis and synthesis of information obtained as a result of observation, experience, reasoning, which may further serve as a basis for action. Critical thinking involves the development of skills such as the acquisition of evidence through observation and listening, relevant criteria for decision-making. As an example Taurbaeva G.O. resulted in the use of this technology in the session on the subject "Chemistry of elements in the periodic system."


Demesenov Beibit Merekeevich, senior teacher, shared the experience the use of ICT in the classroom. Considering the specificity of specialties "Chemistry", "Biology" and "Geography", presentations were made, which reflects the specific examples of the use of the individual modules of the program in the classroom.

Speakers noted the novelty and practical significance of these technologies to improve the efficiency of learning process. According to the results of methodical seminar, it was decided: considering the introduction in the educational process international educational program and methodical and scientific potential of KSPI, collaborate with the NIS, innovative schools and other educational institutions of the city and the region for the development and testing of training on their base.

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