D. Disyukov's performance and SIPG "Erkyn Pikir"

On April 16 3 courses KGPU have addressed students Disyukov D.A. – head of department of KGU "Center of a Research of Religious Problems" and student's information and propaganda group of KSPU "Erkyn Pikir". D. Disyukov has told about neuron and linguistic programming which is actively applied by recruiters of various totalitarian religious cults, has stated essence of other psychological techniques which are used in the activity by leaders of destructive sects. Participants Erkin Pikir, namely – A. Pak, Z. Kadyrova, A. Kazmukhamedova and D. Akpanova have shown the small dramatized representation in which have opened the mechanism of involvement of young people in various destructive religious cults with use of the Internet.

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