Prevention of religious extremism in secondary school №7 in Kostanay

April 11 in school No. 7 held a preventive conversation with the students of the 10th class of school №7 of the city of Kostanay on the theme of "Prevention of the facts of religious extremism and terrorism on the territory of Kostanai oblast and the Republic of Kazakhstan". Interviewed specialist of the Department of history of Kazakhstan of social and Humanities faculty Abylkalykova K. K.. The youth and teenage environment is the most malleable for various kinds of manipulations and techniques in destructive organizations of pseudo-religious character.

Most often, students of colleges, universities, high school students of secondary schools have become involved in activities in pseudo-religious organizations. Recruiters began to get out educated young people, well-read, honest, responsible, owning oratory, because such a recruited young man will be able to attract much more in pseudo-religious organizations of new adherents. In school № 7 students often wondered about the prohibition of all pseudo-religious organizations in Kazakhstan. But the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion to every citizen, so only organizations and cults that violate the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan fall under the ban.



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