Religion as a way of knowing the world

April 4 in the school-lyceum №1 of Kostanay city held a meeting of expert of the Department of history of Kazakhstan of the University Abylkalykova K. K. with students of grade 11 and teachers of the institution. The theme of the meeting was devoted to the religious sphere – "Religion as a way of knowing the world". The 11th grade students learned a lot from the history of the origin of the first religions, primitive beliefs, cults, about the new so-called non-Christian and neo-Islamic organizations, which, under the guise of religion, pursue their political and economic goals.

Religion at the beginning of time was formed as one of the main ways of knowledge of the world which opened before the person supernatural abilities of the world around - natural phenomena, space objects, sacred subjects and the world unknown. Today religion plays a role of moral and ethical base of each person who observes certain norms in society. Through religion and the commandments of Islam and Christianity, man understood the harm of deception, the benefits of respect for elders, helping others, etc..



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