Students’ years - it is time when many want to travel and discover something new, distant, unknown. Academic mobility is a new kind of "tourism" in which students choose not only the direction, but also the country and the city. Participation in the academic mobility program in Kazakhstan and abroad is one of the favourite opportunities for our students! Each student of our University was able to test his or her knowledge for a grant to participate in the programme. Each student of our University was able to test his or her knowledge for a grant to participate in the programme. In the new academic year of 2018-2019, five participants from the Department of Biology, Physics, Foreign Languages have gone to Slovakia and France to study: Baimuhanbetova Inzhu, Murat Aidar, Urmanova Rysaldy, Korganbek Khaknazar, Abdigapparova Aysara.

Within five months, seven students of the third year of the Xinjiang Agrarian Vocational and Technical Institute passed the language courses of the spoken Russian language on the basis of our university. Chinese students came to our city for academic mobility program. The course of teaching Russian as a foreign language was taught by RaisaIshchanova and Sara BoltaevnaArsaeva, who used effective, non-standard methods of teaching Russian language in class, selected interesting handouts, and tried to make the classes interesting and informative.

Paramount measures for modernization of system of the Kazakhstan education provide introduction of modern technologies and techniques of training, improvement of quality of teaching staff, strengthening of the educational work aimed at the development of the Kazakhstan patriotism, tolerance, etc. The solution of the specified tasks acquires special relevance in the context of implementation of requirements of the Bologna declaration. It is known that formation of common world educational space, first of all, is expressed in harmonization of approaches to the organization of educational process. Within the Bologna Process the great value is attached to the academic mobility of students, teachers and administrative personnel of higher education institutions.

On May 22, 2015 lecturers of the department of foreign languages made the contest on English and French for going to foreign universities for academic mobility in the United States and France Universities. Students of different specialties took part in it. Before testing, the vice rector on educational and methodical work, doctor of philosophy PhD, PhD (doctorate) in economy Tolegen M.A. gave his speech to students. Professor Osspanova A.S. wished a successful test passing. Students, who received the highest scores on the language, are able to study in US and France universities.

From March 11 to 27, 2015 teaching and educational center for language training invited as part of academic mobility doctor, professor of University named after Humboldt, Germany, Volker Raddatts for practical training in the disciplines "Foreign Language", "Professional-oriented foreign language" for students of 1, 2, 3 years of study of multilingual groups "Biology", "Geography", "Chemistry". Volker Raddatts held a seminar on "Modern didactics and methods of teaching foreign languages" for teachers of KSPI.

On the 9th of September 2014 Kostanay state pedagogical institute took part in telephone conference on academic mobility. Organizers of this conference Center of the Bologna Process and academic mobility of MES RK. The meeting was also attended by representatives of national and regional universities of Kazakhstan. On behalf of the institute performed a vice rector on educational and methodological work Tolegen M.A.

20th of March, 2014 from a trip to the University of Macau (China) in the framework of the academic mobility of teachers returned Kudritskaya M.I., the head of the chair of foreign languages, Kudritskaya E.A., teacher of the chair of foreign languages. During the period from 8th till 17th of March they worked in the English language center of the Macau University, they taught English for academic purposes to students of all four levels, exchanged practical experience with colleagues of the center, shared information about Kazakhstan and the cultural project "Trilingual in the Republic of Kazakhstan".

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