From May 24 to May 30, 2020, the senior teacher of the Department of Philology Koval O. was holding events dedicated to the Day of Slavic Written Language and Culture in a remote format. Every year on May 24 this holiday is celebrated in Kazakhstan and many countries of the world. “Day of Slavic Written Language and Culture is very important for multinational Kazakhstan. Therefore we decided to organize an action under the hashtag #возрождаем забытое and conduct an online quiz on the Quizizz platform.

In recent years, the number of people in the country who have chosen the profession of a teacher is growing. A student studying in this area undergoes practical training. In this regard, we interviewed a 4-year student of the Kazakh language and literature educational program at KSPU named after W. Sultangazin, Nurusheva Meruert. - Meruert, why did you choose the profession of a teacher? - I do not think that I was mistaken in choosing this profession, it is difficult, but interesting. Or was it my childhood dream to be like my first teacher, or did I want to follow in my sister's footsteps? 

Last autumn, Kazakhstan American Free University in partnership with Michigan State University (USA) submitted a joint application for grant funding for the SCILLA project and it was approved. The long-awaited project received funding, and in the next 8 months the participants will work online to implement the goals and objectives of the international project. Douglas K.Hartman, professor of the University of Michigan, Peter De Costa, associate professor of the University of Michigan, Julia Novitskaya, head of the department of the Kazakh-American University, as well as teachers of Kazakhstan universities take part in the project. The representatives of Kostanay State Pedagogical University named after U. Sultangasin became the teachers of the department of philology of OP "Foreign language: two foreign languages" M.I. Kudritskaya, associated professor, candidate of pedagogical sciences, A.S. Kinzhibayeva, senior teacher, head of educational program and A.A. Bermukhambetova, senior teacher, master of humanities. 

May 21-22 2020 on the basis of Kyzylorda state University Korkyt ATA online platform ZООМ was held Republican subject Olympiad XII educational programs 6В01202 - "Preschool training and education". The purpose and objectives of Olympics: stimulating educational and research work of students; creating conditions for self-realization and self-improvement, self-awareness, professional and personal potential of students; education of students' civil position; selection and support of competitive, innovative, educated, talented students who know the world educational process.

Remote technologies expand horizons and make many processes accessible. So for the majority of teachers, further education courses conducted by leading teachers of Nazarbayev University became possible. From the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, the courses were studied by the head. Department of Theory and Practice of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism Ogienko N.A., Senior Lecturers Safargaliva G.N. and Malshakova V.V. For almost two weeks, teachers at Nazarbayev University shared their experience in the design of educational programs, on management and leadership in education.

On may 16, 2020, first-year students of the educational program «6B01502-Physics» presented for defense the social project «Нold out your hand to the paws» in the discipline «Community Service». During the implementation of the project, the children visited the «Zoopuls» animal shelter, learned about the problems faced by employees and helped homeless animals with food. In the social network Instagram the guys have a page and thus try to provide information support to the shelter.

On May 12, a meeting was held among all the universities of Kazakhstan participating in the international KUTEL project with the country coordinator Zakirova Gulnara Demeshevna. This meeting was caused by the need to prepare the main activities for the completion of the second reporting period for the project. Gulnara Demeshevna quite clearly set the tasks for all the universities involved in the project. Firstly, it is necessary to complete the procurement procedure for equipment planned under the project and prepare the relevant documentation.

Today, every university entrant is faced with an actual question of choosing a prestigious and at the same time demanded profession. His future depends on his conscious choice. And the question is what profession to choose and how to be in demand and competitive on the labor market today? To help answer this and many other questions, the Department of Philology on April 29, 2020 for the first time held a virtual Open Day for pupils of the 10th-11th grades of schools of Kostanay region.

The graduation period is just around the corner and each graduate will face the acute question of choosing a profession, because the whole future life of the graduate depends on this issue. What is important today is the question of what educational programs we can offer applicants, what they are aimed at, what competencies graduates will have, what are the advantages of our educational programs over others. It was these issues and a number of others that were voiced at the open day of the Faculty of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism, which was held on April 29 on the Microsoft Teams platform.

According to the schedule of the educational process, the last stage in the organization of the educational process is undergraduate practice. The result of undergraduate practice is the carrying out of pre-diploma work. According to the educational programs "Physical Culture and Sports", "Tourism", from April 20 to April 28, pre-graduation theses for full-time students were conducted.For the first time, the pre-diploma thesis procedure took place in the form of distance learning. To undergo the pre-defense procedure, the student had to conduct his work through the Anti-Plagiarism, the percentage of originality of the thesis should be at least 70%

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