Department of psychology and defectology

Head of the department

Лиходедова Людмила Николаевна

Likhodedova Lyudmila

Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor


The Department of psychology was opened in October 1977 in the walls of Kostanay pedagogical Institute. 50 years of the USSR.Since 2016 it has been reorganized in the Department of psychology and defectology.

The creation of the Department of psychology and defectology was caused by the need for in-depth professionalism of the educational process and specialization of the teaching staff. Currently, the Department of psychology and defectology provides psychological and pedagogical training of students of psychologists, defectologists and future teachers to professional activities, equips with psychological knowledge, skills and abilities in accordance with the requirements of the qualification characteristics.

Teachers and staff of the Department constantly improve scientific and methodological skills, carry out multilateral relations with other universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS.

Department of psychology and defectology for many years maintains creative ties with a number of regional, national, Russian scientific institutions and universities: Kazakh national pedagogical University. Abay, Moscow state University. M. Lomonosov, South Ural state University (Chelyabinsk), South Ural state University of Humanities and education (Chelyabinsk), Novosibirsk state pedagogical University.

At the Department of psychology and defectology there are 6 scientific problem groups, a research laboratory "Psychology of developing personality" was created, which United in the scientific search of teachers and students, scientific and practical conferences are held annually with the participation of practical psychologists, social workers and specialists of the Institute of valeology, every year students take part in subject competitions in the field of psychology and defectology.

At the disposal of the students of the Department of psychology and defectology are equipped classrooms, methodical study, where modern special literature, computer psychodiagnostics room, practical psychology room, self-knowledge room, defectology room, practical speech therapy room.

Кафедра психологии

The social-psychological training in the office of practical psychology.

Занятия по самопознанию

The teachers of the psychology chair are the participants of the republican experiment in the field of “Self-knowledge” subject introduction in a higher school.

Кабинет психологической разгрузки

The chair is provided with the existing computer psycho-diagnostics library. Counseling is performed by the experienced staff of the chair of Psychology.

Кафедра психологии

Students working with automated psycho-diagnostic techniques created by “Imaton” firm

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