The main scientific directions in the work of the department of theory and practice of physical education, sports and tourism

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Sivokhin Ivan

Sivokhin Ivan

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  1. Improving the sports training of highly qualified athletes and sports reserve.
  2. The use of innovative technologies in the educational process of training specialists in the field of physical education, sports and tourism.
  3. Health and behavior of students and students of the city ​​of Kostanay .
  4. Improving the educational process of training specialists in the field of "Physical Culture and Sports" and "Tourism" in the university system of education.
  5. Models of the training process of powerlifters athletes using computer technology.
  6. Tourist and language camp “ Success ”

Inventive and patent-licensing work in 2019 is expressed in the work of Komarov, O.Yu., on “Methodological recommendations for testing and quantifying the dynamic strength endurance of the muscles of the hands and arms of athletes in kettlebell lifting”, reg. No. 5341 dated 09.09.2019

The high mortality rate of people of working age, a relatively low overall life expectancy, and the extent of temporary disability due to colds are convincing evidence of the lack of a sufficient level of physical education among the population of Kazakhstan. The most effective way to counter negative health factors is to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Scientists from different countries have found that the state of human health most (40-50%) depends on lifestyle. The remaining 50% are for reasons independent of the person; on the state of the environment and ecology (20-30%), heredity (15-20%), medicine (10-15%). A healthy lifestyle has a complex structure in which the main role is given to properly organized physical activity, which accounts for 30% of the impact on human health.

Statistical analysis shows that only 15.6% of the population of Kazakhstan are actively involved in physical education and sports. This indicator for the Kostanay region is 23.7%. In the message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan, educational, physical-sports, and tourist organizations set an important task to involve up to 30% of Kazakhstanis in mass sports. It is planned to implement a set of government measures, including the formation of a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle skills, which will reduce overall mortality by 30%, while it is expected that life expectancy will increase to 72 years.

The implementation of such large-scale and socially significant tasks requires the development of fundamentally new educational and health-improving programs, in which the problem of preserving and strengthening the health of children, adolescents, students, and adults should occupy a high proportion . The significance of the problem of studying the health status of schoolchildren is due to several factors. Firstly, the special importance of adolescence for the entire subsequent human life; secondly, the presence of negative trends in the health status of modern schoolchildren and students; thirdly, the fact that it is adolescents and youth that represent the potential of the labor and population resource of any country.

The motor mode of students in the school mainly performs a supportive function for health, which necessitates the development of innovative models of physical activity that ensure not only the preservation, but also the development and formation of the health of schoolchildren. At school age, it is important to instill a love of physical culture and sport, since it is at this age that a person is most inspired, and sports in school, in the family, in sports sections in sports can become an integral habit. Statistical analysis shows that not everything is so successful in this area. In particular , 28 sports schools operate in the Kostanay region, in which 16 thousand children and adolescents are involved in various sports, which is 15.2%. The average republican indicator for the number of schoolchildren involved in sports in the Youth Sports School is 7.2%.

An important area is the development and implementation of fundamentally new, modern technologies of sports training, which should ensure high efficiency of the training process at all stages of the development of sports and technical skills in various sports, as well as have a pronounced focus on improving health and improving the level of physical fitness of adolescents and youth . Solving these problems requires conducting serious scientific research using modern instrumental techniques and observing the basic methodological principles for planning experimental work, as well as analyzing and statistical evaluation of the results of pedagogical research.

In connection with the foregoing, the problem of studying socio-pedagogical health factors, fostering a health culture, the formation of sustainable value orientations in relation to the healthy lifestyle of modern adolescents, as well as pedagogical, biomedical and psycho-physiological factors of the entire system of sports training for young and highly qualified athletes.

The scientific basis for the development of recommendations on the formation of a health-saving environment among students and their involvement in sports of the highest achievements is a system of social and pedagogical monitoring of all aspects of the lifestyle of children and adolescents and their motivation and behavior in relation to a healthy lifestyle and sports activities. Improving the system of competitive and training activities involves further study of pedagogical, biomedical and psychophysiological factors of sports training.

The purpose of the research work of the department is the initiation and implementation of scientific programs to study the problems of physical education of students and sports training of athletes of various qualifications.

Tasks of the research work of the department :

  • conducting socio-pedagogical monitoring in the system of school and higher vocational education in order to collect empirical material on the problem of physical education, physical activity and the health status of students;
  • creation of a database and analytical work on the issue of physical education, physical activity and student behavior in relation to health;
  • coordination of comprehensive scientific research of various aspects of sports training and the system of training athletes in sports at various stages of the development of sports and technical skills;
  • approbation and implementation of the results of scientific research into the practice of training athletes in sports schools and national teams of the region and the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • ensuring compliance of pedagogical, biomedical and psycho-physiological studies with world standards and trends in the field of sports training;
  • generalization and dissemination of advanced scientific, methodological and pedagogical experience in national teams, sports schools and other educational institutions in the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in foreign countries;
  • organization of international cooperation in the field of physical education, sports and tourism activities, sports training, athletes body recovery system;
  • preparation and publication of scientific articles, educational and teaching aids, curricula, monographs and textbooks;
  • creation of scientific sites in order to inform the scientific community about the results of studying the problems of physical education and sports training;
  • assistance in organizing and conducting scientific seminars, conferences, symposia, round tables and working meetings and other forms of exchange of scientific information;
  • the involvement of students, undergraduates and young scientists in the development of research topics when writing term papers and dissertations;
  • advanced training of specialists of various levels for various sports and educational institutions based on the introduction of new sports and educational technologies.

During the work, 7 scientific and educational seminars and round tables were held on various topical issues of physical culture and sports, an international student scientific and practical conference was held, 5 scientific and methodological developments were introduced into the practice of sports training in the national teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan and sports schools, more than 50 scientific articles, study guides, scientific collections in Kazakhstan and abroad.

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