The Faculty of Physical Culture and Sport

Dean of the Faculty

Kifik Natalya

Kifik Natalya

Candidate of pedagogical sciences


Deputy Dean

Шкваренко Никита Сергеевич

Shkvarenko Nikita

Master of tourism

Faculty of physical education, sport and tourism was established in 1967, the first issue was held in 1971. For these years the faculty has prepared and produced about 3000 specialists in physical education. Since 2005, the Faculty has been training in the specialty "Tourism".

Graduates of the faculty successfully work in Kazakhstan and abroad in various parts of the system of physical education and sports, management of physical education and sports at various levels, universities, colleges, general schools, children's and youth sports schools and sports clubs.

The faculty deserved to be proud of such graduates as the first Honored Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Greco-Roman wrestling, the participant of the Olympic Games in Sydney and Atlanta, the champion of the Asian Games in Hiroshima, the two-time champion of the world among students, the six-time Asian champion Sergei Matvienko, the European champion in badminton Kustavletova S ., two-time world champion in badminton among students Dmitriev I., champions of Asia, participants in the Olympic Games in Nogano V. Bortsov and O. Selezneva, participant of the Olympic Games in Atlanta gymnast D. Rybalko, participant of three Olim IBP in Atlanta, Sydney and Athens athlete Fighters IV, a two-time Asian champion, winner of the World Championship in powerlifting Kuvambaev Z.

Many graduates achieved significant success in pedagogical activity. High rank "Honored trainer of the RK" was awarded to Solyankin G.S., Lavrinenko V.I. (boxing), Matvienko V.P. (Greco-Roman wrestling), Dosmagambetov M.K., (Greco-Roman wrestling), Musafarov M.K. (badminton), Tazhmakin M.K. , (boxing), Popkov S.A., (gymnastics), Tarasov K.V. (taekwondo (JRT)).

The graduates of the faculty in scientific and pedagogical activity left a noticeable trail. They defended their thesis for the degree of candidate of pedagogical sciences Makarenko V.G., Lukonina O.V., Panov V.A., Shkreba V.A., Usmangaliev M.K., Ogienko N.A., Ibraeva R., Mamiev N .B.

Today the faculty trains more than 500 students in two specialties: "Physical Education and Sport" and "Tourism".

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