Learning and educational center of language training

The Head of Center

Абишева Сауле Кабжановна

Abisheva Saule

Master of pedagogical sciences


Learning and educational center of language training was formed in March, 2014 as a department of Foreign Language Faculty on an order № 16 from 28.04.2014 and teachers of the center teach students on all non-language faculties of Kostanay State Pedagogical University. Since September, 2014 the center has been headed by the master of pedagogical sciences, the senior teacher Abisheva Saule Kabzhanovna.

The aim and the goal of the center is: training of competitive experts who possess practical skills of the colloquial and household speech and language of specialty for active using of the state and foreign languages both in daily and in professional communication, capable to carry out continuous self-learning and to upgrade their qualification during life thanks to language skills.

The teaching staff of the learning and educational center of language trainingconsists of masters of the sciences and experienced teachers who train students on the state and foreign languages on non- language specialties.

The teachers of the center teach the following disciplines:  foreign language (English, German), practical foreign language, professional focused foreign language (English, German), kazakh language, professional kazakh language , hotel industry in English (specialty "Tourism").

Learning and educational center of language training actively works in all directions: teaching and guiding, scientific research and educational work.

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110000, Kostanay, Tauelsizdik street, 118

  • Tel./fax: +7 (7142) 53-04-55

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