Department of the Russian Language and Literature

Head of the department

Исина Диана Амантаева

Isina Diana Amantayeva

Master of pedagogical sciences


Educational programs:

  • 5В011800 «The Russian Language and Literature»
  • 5В012200 «The Russian Language and Literature for non Russian Learning School»

Training period: full-time with four-year training period, full-time with three-year-training period; distance education with two-year-training period and three-year-training period.

Academic Degree: Bachelor of 5В011800 «Russian  Language and Literature»; bachelor of 5В012200 «Russian  Language and Literatureat schools where Russian is a target language».

Professional activities:

  • Education (teaching ) - as a teacher of Russian language and literature in secondary schools, secondary specialized educational institutions , vocational schools , as well as in educational institutions of other kinds and forms , in various training courses ;
  • Experimental research - as a teacher and researcher, as well as an employee of different funds and projects;
  • Organizational and management - as the head of various levels of government and non-governmental institutions and organizations;
  • Editorial - as the editor of the publishing house;
  • Announcer - as an employee of the media.

Objects of professional activity

The objects of professional activity of graduates are - secondary schools, secondary vocational education organizations, professional schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges.

Study direction of the department

One of the main goals of the department is to improve the quality of education , educational and research activities, the development of the mobility of teachers and students , the introduction of elements of multilingual education, improvement of work programs in line with the transition to 12 -year education.

4th year student of the specialty «Russian language and literature" created a video for «Children's Literature" in conjunction with the Learning Laboratory «Innovative educational technologies."

To improve the quality of the studies was issued:

  • The book "Principles of aesthetic interaction of the hero and the author 's prose 19-20 centuries" publishing Lambert ( Germany) , materials which can be used in the preparation and carrying out of studies on the subject " Russian literature of the early twentieth century."
  • Tutorial "Artistic time and space in a literary work» material benefits help students in matters of perception of the most difficult issues associated with the development of the specifics of Russian literature.
  • Tutorial "Actual problems of word formation ";
  • Teaching aids "Organization of research in philology at the university and the school ";
  • Electronic textbook "Scientific style of speech ";
  • Study guides "The specifics of the study of Kazakh literature in high school, and the school».

In January 2018 a discussion of the Modal Educational Program "Russian language and literature" was held during which new disciplines were introduced at the suggestion of employers: Сhildren's Literature and Expressive Reading in Contemporary School, Fundamentals of Research in Philology in University and School, Scientific and Business Documentation in Professional Work of Philology Teacher, Work with Talented Children in Russian Language and Literature in the Context of Contemporary Educational System

Educational direction


Organized student participation in cleanup and improvement of educational building. Curators are working with the parents of underachieving students. Teachers of faculty and students participating in the Day of Health, in a concert dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Students and teachers visit the Russian Drama Theatre and the Puppet, Kazakh Drama Theater, Regional Museum. Take part in prevention activities related to the elements of religious intolerance, participate in events organized by the Regional Library after name of Tolstogo, Russian drama and Puppet Theater.

On November 8, 2017, students took part in the international online conference "Kazakhstan-Russia: reading without borders" organized in the library named after N.Ostrovskogo. Participants in the conversation on culture and science of the two countries became Ph.D. T.R. Pchelkina, public figure, scientist, member of the Russian Union of Writers A.N. Alferov (Moscow).

Cooperation with educational institutions of the region

Teachers of the department carry out scientific contacts with teachers of the State Physical and Mathematical Lyceum of the Education Department of the Akimat of Kostanay, the State Educational Institution "Lyceum School No. 1 of the Education Department of the Akimat of the City of Kostanay", State Educational Institution Secondary school №7 of the education department of the akimat of Kostanay ”.

The department collaborates with educational institutions of the city and region: Center "Kostanay Daryny", boarding school for gifted children "Ozat". Teachers of the department annually improve their professional level in the form of passing advanced training courses at RIPKSO "Orleu" in Almaty, Astana, as well as educational centers in Kostanay.

Career-oriented direction

Teachers of the department carried out scientific contacts with teachers PML , schools: № 1, 2, 7.

During the school year, classes with high school graduates of Kostanay to prepare for UNT . Vocational guidance work is underway in the city's schools and Kostanai region. During the holidays, meetings with school leavers.

Teachers of the department Pchelkina T.R, Segizbaeva K.K are members of the jury of the regional scientific - practical conferences students intellectual potential of the younger generation - the key to successful industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan.

Under the guidance of the candidate of philological sciences Pchelkina T.R, senior lecturer Mustakimovoy G.V It has been prepared to take part in the Republican Olympiad Nazaruk T. , a student in grade 11 HMG, in 2014 she won 1st place at the Republican Olympiad on the Russian language and literature.

The department collaborates with educational institutions of the city and the region: Centre "Kostanay Daryn" boarding school for gifted children "Ozat", in Physics and Mathematics Lyceum Kostanay held a seminar on "The organization of scientific research in the school" in Zhambyl small schools together with teachers of the department held a seminar "Using modern technologies in literature classes".

Teachers of the department are part of the jury of the city and regional competitions in Russian language and literature.

Our Future

Over the years, the department prepares for creative activity of many famous humanitarians Kostanai region. Our graduates - deputies, scientists, business people, school principals, teachers, correspondents of regional and national newspapers, radio and television stations, Excellent Education of Kazakhstan, Russia, winners of creative competitions, winners of various festivals.

At the department, and today there are all conditions for the training and education of the creative personality, for the development of talent, teacher, linguist, poet, novelist, essayist and journalist.

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