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Head of the department

Манасбаева Нагима Шотбаевна

Manasbayeva Nagima

Master of humanitarian science



  • 5В011900 «Foreign Language:Two Foreign Languages»

Term of training: full-time – 4 years, full-time short – 3 years; extramural – 3 years (on the basis of distance learning).

The Bachelor of the specialty "Foreign language: 2 foreign languages" performs the following professional activities:

  • Educational – as a teacher of English at schools, lyceums, colleges;
  • Research – an implementation of scientific researches on the profile disciplines;
  • In-plant and managerial activities in government agencies of various levels (departments of education, akimats etc.)
  • Translational – a translator/an interpreter, a mediator in intercultural communication in companies, implementing the international activities of various kinds.

The department was founded in 1966 and it is one of the leading departments of the institute. Its importance in the preparation of bachelors of specialty «5B011900» determined by the role, that foreign language played in modern world.

Scientific direction of the department: "The introduction of innovative models of organization of training sessions in the context of cross-cultural and multilingual development of the potential of the student's personality in terms of a professional orientation of training."

The department consists of teachers of English, French and German languages.

-Danilova V.V., Master of Pedagogy and Psychology, senior teacher of the Foreign Languages Department, received a grant of the US Embassy for participation in the International conference SATEC-2013 «English Language Education Development: A Way To The Future», with the presentation ««Predictive reading as means of developing critical thinking» (Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan).
On November 2013 senior teachers of the Foreign Languages Department Kushneruk M.I. and Kinzhibayeva A.S. passed advanced training of pedagogical specialties of higher education in Polytechnic university of Valencia (Valencia, Spain).

-1-st stage (online training)
Module1: Modern approaches in the system of continuous (uninterrupted) education.
Module 2: Technologies of self-development, self-improvement, self-realization
Module 3: System of assessing the results of education.
Module 4: Modern information (digital) technologies in teaching and learning.

2-nd stage
Module 1: Planning.
Module 2: Active Methodologies.
Module 3: Evaluation
Module 4: New technologies.

-On December 2013 Balzhanova A.M., a senior teacher of the FLD, passed advanced training of teachers in Norwich institute of language education (Norwich, Great Britain)

1-st stage (online training)
Module 1. Modern approaches in continuing education.
Module 2. Technologies of self-development, self-improvement, self-realization
Module 3. Systems of evaluation of education results.
Module 4. Modern digital technologies in teaching and learning.

2-nd stage
• Observation CELTA session on literacy - Maria Heron
• CELTA session "Professional Development" - Maria Heron
• Access to NILE library and Website resources (MOODLE) - Tom Kiddle
• Training methods and materials session - Rod Bolitho
• CLIL sessions - Kay Bentley
• Language development session - Susi Pearson
• Language update session - Carole Robinson

Educational process

- -
A lecture on Modern methods of teaching FL
on the 3-rd course «Teaching vocabulary»
A practice session on Language for special
purposes on the 3-rd course «Around the world»
A round table on the 4-th course «Teacher status
in modern Kazakhstani society», in 3 languages
A practice session on Second foreign language
(French) on the 2-nd course

A practice session on English, 2-nd course. The language lab. 


-The 3-th and 4-th-year students of German and English branches of the Foreign languages faculty took part in an online-testing on the international program «the Summer higher school semester» (September, 2012). As a result 4 students: Shilyayeva E., Kutsenko D., Omarov E., Tugelbayev M., received the DAAD scholarship and spent the summer higher school semester in German cities: Shilyayeva E. - Frankfurt am Main, Kutsenko D. – Bremen, Omarov E. – Wittenberg, Tugelbayev M. – Jena. (in the photo Tugelbayev M., Jena, Germany.
The 3-th and 4-th-year students of French and English branches, studying French as a second foreign language, participated in international competitions, organizing by the Embassy of France in Kazakhstan and the National Association of French Teachers in KZ: The Pre-Project contest (Kungurov O., Novoteyeva A., Zhaksybayeva T.). In 2012 Nurmagambetova A. (French), Gorbushina T. (English), Miroshnichenko R. (English) took part in a contest on the best scientific work among students of KZ. On December 2012 Mukuzhanova A., Konkabayeva A. and Karimbayeva A. (3-rd course, English) participated in the International contest of student’s projects «I have an idea!» Baku, Azerbaijan.
-A number of students passed an exam on French language proficiency at the French Alliance. Doshchanova S., a graduate of English branch, studying French as a second foreign language, is currently training at University of Perpignan. Graduates of 2011 are studying in France, received grants of France on the results of the exam on French language proficiency at the Alliance (Astana): Novikova Yuliya (Paris), Tkenova Dina (Bordeaux). (in the photo Tkenova D., Paris, France).     
From October 1 to December 7, 2012 Kudritskaya M.I., the head of chair of foreign languages, successfully passed the training at University of Oregon (USA) by the distance 10-weeks program named “The usage of interactive internet resources in training English teachers ” on the basis of the grant of the US State Department, obtained on a competitive basis.
Higher-education teaching personnel of the chair in close collaboration with Goethe-Institute, DAAD, actively participates in the organization of international seminars on German and equipping and enriching of the chair material base.
-The 3-rd year students: Urazbayeva M., Turgangozhina N., Karimuldina M., Kasenova A.
studied at University of Perpignan (France) by the academic mobility.

Upbringing process


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