Faculty of Philology

Dean of the Faculty

Yesirkepova Kenzhegul

Yesirkepova Kenzhegul

Candidate of Philology


Deputy Dean

Shoshakova Zhanar

Shoshakova Zhanar

Master of philology



  • 5В011700 – «The Kazakh Language and Literature»
  • 5В012100 – «The Kazakh Language and Literature at schools with not Kazakh Language of training»
  • 5В011800 – «The Russian Language and Literature»
  • 5В012200 – «The Russian Language and Literature for non Russian Learning School»
  • 5В011900 – «Foreign Language:Two Foreign Languages»

The History of the Philological Faculty

August 21st, 1939 - the Presidium of Kustanai Regional Executive Committee of Working Class Delegates’ Council adopted the Resolution about “Kustanai Teacher Training Institute and its departments”, it says, “to turn the Teacher Training College into Kustanai Teacher Training Institute with two year-training period and two faculties: the Faculty of Physics and Maths and the Faculty of Science and Geography” since the 1st of September this year. Before having been adopted this Resolution had been agreed with Sovnarkom of Kazakh Soviet Social Republic and People’s Commissariat of Republic’s Education».
Autumn, 1942 - the Department of Russian and Russian Literature and corresponding chairs were formed.
July 5th, 1955 – the decision was made to turn the Teacher Training Institute into Kustanai Pedagogical Institute.
Late 1950-s – The Russian Chair, the Chair of Russian Literature and the Chair of Foreign Literature were formed.  
1989 – 1992 - Russian and Kazakh Departments were a part of one Faculty. In 1992 the separate faculties of Russian Philology and Kazakh Philology were formed.  
2003 - the faculties of Russian Philology and Kazakh Philology were merged.
1996 - the Journalistic Department of Philological Faculty was opened.
2009 – the Philological Faculty and the Faculty of Foreign Languages were merged. The Faculty of Foreign Languages was formed on the 15th of August 1962, first it had only one English Department.  
1964 - the French Department with four-year-training period and the French Chair were formed. 1969 - the Chair of Teaching English Methodology was formed.  
September 1st , 1978 - the English Department was turned into the English and German Department with five-year-training period and the French Department was turned into the French and German Department.
1986 - the English Chair and the Teaching English Methodology Chair were merged.
1987 - the German Chair was formed.
1992 - Kostanai Pedagogical Institute was turned into Kostanai State University, the Faculty of Foreign Languages was a part of Kostanai State University. The Kazakh Chair of the Faculty of Foreign Languages was formed.  
1996 – the partnership with Peace Corps (the USA) in Kazakhstan started, the Kazakh Chair introduced the Teaching of Arab.
1997 – the German and the French Chairs were merged, the Kazakh Chair introduced the Teaching of Turkish. October, 1999 - the Oriental Chair was formed.
April 1st, 2004 –Kostanai State Pedagogical Institute was separated from Kostanai State University, the Faculty of Foreign Languages was divided between two Institutions.
June 25th, 2004 – the Geman and French Chair was turned into the Romanic-Germanic and Oriental Chair. August 2009 - the Faculty of Foreign Languages and the Philological Faculties were merged.

Scientific-research work of students

Departments implement research works on the basis of the plan of –scientific-research work of pedagogical staff.
The pedagogical staffhas discussions of scientific work at departments and implements according to the approved special directions.
The main scientific directions of the department:
1. Theoretical foundations of linguistics and functional aspects
2. Ethnolinguistics and linguistic culture studies.
3. Scientific basis of the history and theory of literature
4. The innovative methodology of learning Kazakh, Russian languages and literature.
The faculty focuses on scientific inquiry and knowledge, implementation of creative abilities of students. Within the week of the department there are traditionally held competitions of scientific projects; scientific articles, conferences, and scientific publications of students and teachers are published.

Communication with school

Between faculties and school for gifted childrennamed afterY.Altynsarin, Kostanay, gymnasium named after S.Maulenov, Kazakh secondary schoolnamed after N.Naushabaev, physical and mathematical school-gymnasium, secondary schools №20, №10, №11, №9, №115, №1, №2, №7 set educational and methodical and scientific communication.
The pedagogical staff of the faculty judged urban, regional competitions and scientific associated worksof students who have traditionally held.
Such lectures as EsirkepovaK.K., MyrzagalievaK.M., KanapinaS.G., IsovaE.A., PchelkinaT.R., MustakimovaG.V., ArsaevaS.B., SegizbaevaK.K.regularly giveconsultations, write comments on the scientific works

Educational work

Воспитательная работа на факультете ведется по следующим направлениям:
- dealing with socio-polotical and legal issues;
- creating students’ bodies;
- popularising and implementing the healthy way of life 


Poetic evening M. Makatayev
Dedication in students
Holiday Nauryz
Amateur arts festival
"My Homeland - Kazakhstan"

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