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Kazakh national jewelry is not just jewelry. This is a significant part of the national culture and history, the roots of which are lost in the depths of centuries. The main direction of jewelry art of Kazakh jewelers - women's jewelry. Their popularity is associated not only with the love of women to jewelry, but with national customs and rituals. This can be seen in the choice of materials, shapes and patterns of products – they all carry a certain meaning, realizing not only decorative, but also, first of all, sacred, magical, protective function.

Silver set " Raigul"

That is why from birth to death Kazakhs wore certain types of jewelry, Kazakh jewelry could tell about his mistress almost everything: married or not, what is her age, where she came from, whether her family is rich.

The first decoration in the form of various amulets were worn on the girl as an infant, various talismans, amulets, and was attached to the leg or the hand, were sewn on the cap (TIA) or hung above the headboard.

Girlish charm (born in the cradle and wore until marriage)

And little girls already wore their first jewelry: earrings and bracelets of laconic design. The times were hard, war, raids, the years of relative plenty were followed by the hungry years, and the most vulnerable, the weak were children, so to protect your child from evil eyes, from diseases, to ensure that the child survived – the Kazakhs were employed amulets (Tumar).

Tumar with generic signs and coat of arms

Increased and their number (in wealthy families, daughters had a set of silver whose weight was over 3 kg), reaching a climax in the wedding: the most luxurious and rich were exactly jewelry sets bridesmaid.

Kazakh women decorated their hands with bracelets (blezik), sometimes numerous bracelets and rings almost completely covered the girl's hands.

After getting married, the woman again changed her jewelry to simpler.

Traditional Kazakh jewelry was made of silver and gold. Widely used in their work master jewelers and gems (Jasper, chalcedony, amethyst, turquoise, carnelian, coral, crystal), and precious stones (Topaz, pearls, rubies).

These ornamental precious and semi-precious stones had to protect their owner from disease, evil, trouble, black envy.

Inserts of stones often called Koz (eye, eye) – all-seeing all-powerful eye, giving strength, support and protection. Stones have a miraculous power.

  • turquoise brings happiness,
  • amber-heals many diseases, protects from trouble,
  • coral – protects from damage and hex…

Among all the precious stones popular has been carnelian, which was considered the stone, bringing prosperity and joy. Nomads believed that carnelian "Sunstone" will protect women from the evil eye, spoilage, infertility, and the elderly and weakened people will return strength. Popular carnelian and now. Jewelers bought jewelry in the Kazakh national style: rings, rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants with inserts of carnelian.

Kazakh national jewelry is still popular today. Them, as before, is distinguished by the massiveness and solemnity: breast ornaments reaching almost to the waist, the rings covered the most part of hands. But, despite this, jewelry is not perceived as bulky: large geometric shapes, which are the basis of products, offset by organic decoration and decoration.

A special place among women's jewelry is a ring (GSK). Since ancient times, they attributed magical properties: it was believed that the rings and rings have miraculous powers and protect against evil spirits. Therefore, two, three, or even four rings on the hands of Kazakh women was an everyday "norm" (Tama Adal Bolu ushin Olid kumis GSK Bolu Kerek).

Rings, rings, pendants (Alka), bracelets, as a rule, were decorated with a symbolic decor, which included wishes of happiness, bright life, freedom, good.

Double-sided pendant

Sign rings

For example, a massive ring "di GSC" – "ring Swati", symbolizing the unity of two families, two principles. This ring consists of two headbands (Shanyrak), and wear it on two fingers, which meant the Union of two hearts, two matchmakers become friends, one heart of the mother, connected by the hearth of the newlyweds.

Chudai jusk gave the mother-in-law of his daughter, when he ascertained that she was good to her daughter.

Men also wore rings. So, the dzhigits, who were going to war, were given Kus tumsyk-so that he returned home alive and healthy.

Male ring of the genus "Dulat"


In addition to the rings, the hands of Kazakh women have traditionally adorned bracelets – Blesk. They are usually worn alone or in pairs (on both hands). Sometimes on hands put on also a pair on both hands, sometimes put on and on two bracelets on hands. The bracelets were solid and composite: consisting of 2-3 parts pivotally United way - topsale Blesk or with wings - AAC Blesk.

Luxury Blesk

Blezik (bracelet) was made of gold or silver, and richly decorated. Jewelers (zergers) made inserts of precious and semiprecious stones, through carving, embossed embossing, harmonious ornament decorated the product.

Set "Shaprashty"

Now, Kazakh jewelers make bracelets, also of gold and silver, decorating with the same patterns, sometimes adding modern trends of jewelry production: for example, combining yellow and white gold, making inserts of zirconium and diamonds.

The devil bless

If we talk about bracelets, it is impossible not to mention the famous headset bracelet-Demon blezik, which was previously worn by virtually all Kazakhs. He was known in Europe and called "rose hands." This women's decoration carried in addition to the aesthetic function and a great meaning. On this decoration it was possible to know the genus to which the girl belongs, status (married or not), age.

Рair topsals Blaise, earrings, pendant

Since ancient times, the strongest talisman was considered among the Kazakhs and earrings. Kazakh women wore them constantly-from early childhood. Varieties of earrings-a great many:

  • tmare Sara – triangle-earrings-charms,
  • carals of cheese-blackened,
  • combest – domed,
  • so you cheese-pointed earrings,
  • as well as earrings in the shape of the moon, bell, with pendants, with stones, etc.

But the most popular and enjoyed filigree earrings. The elegance of openwork pattern, pendants, bells, wire fringe-all this testifies to the highest skill and professionalism of the master jeweler.

Noteworthy and breast ornaments-amulets: triangular tumarsha, boy TUMAR (in the form of a hollow tube with pendants), Alka, onirzhiek. Inside this amulet invested charms: eagle owl feathers, extracts from the Koran, a bundle of camel hair or sheep. And oniric was worn by married women and nursing mothers to protect their milk from the evil eye.

Gift Tamga

Information and photo taken from source http://shopomania.kz/hand-made/19-yuvelir-v-almaty.html

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